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Topic: Legato played notes

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    Legato played notes

    Just a question to you all, but how do you get the best results in terms of legato played strings...

    i guess, the most problem is the short attack of the bow at the begin of the sample that makes more notes sound like a looped-like noise AaaaaaAaaaaaAaaaa(if you know what i mean [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    I know that i could simply stretch the note and let the sound flow over to the next note, but that doesn\'t affect the attack of the bow. if you hear strings playing a legato line, mostly you don\'t hear any accents, just the line...also i know the technique of doubling the miditracks and take out the 1-3-5-7 note of the first track and 2-4-6-8 note of the other track...

    Would be cool to hear some suggestions of you how you get the best result for legato played notes.

    Thx and greetz

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    Re: Legato played notes

    Hi Waywyn,

    It can help if you remove the normal attack part of the samples that are within the legato phrase (not the first note of the phrase though!). A partially successful attempt at this is illustrated in the following example:


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    Re: Legato played notes

    One technique I found useful is to extend the tail of the preceeding note so that it overlaps the beginning of the following note within the phrase. This effectively reduces the attack \"bite.\" It\'s relatively quick to do, after the midi part has been created.

    Bill Cunningham

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    Re: Legato played notes

    I think about everyone has tried what Bill suggested above. The samples themselves are the root of the problem. Sample makers today have become more sophisticated and (for a lack of a better word) more idiomatically forward thinking when it comes to recording legato samples. If you have ever worked with Miroslav strings you\'ll notice this annoying \'sucking\' on sustain strings as you transition from one note to another. You can stretch, pull, and edit the raw samples all you want, it will not change the results in any dramatic way. About the best you can do is carefully layer different types of string samples that have less lazy attacks and carefully wrap them in envelopes to smooth the whole thing out.

    Now, take a look at GOS and other newer string libraries. Samples are recorded to reproduce as close as possible natural legato playing. The Vienna library has some of the most realistic legatos I\'ve ever heard in any virtual orchestra.

    It\'s all about sample techniques I\'m afraid.

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    Re: Legato played notes

    I agree with Gulliver\'s comment regarding samples. Now a days I use GOS legato and the results are significantly better than using the technique I mentioned above. However, layering multiple samples, creating an edited attack sample set, and/or stretching note endings to overlap following note beginnings can help in a pinch, if you can\'t turn to one of the newer libraries that offer better legato techniques.

    Bill Cunningham

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