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Topic: Ghost music

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    Ghost music

    Hi all, do you know of score which are very good ghost music? You know, music which you can almost feel the creepy environment and ghosts all around you.

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    Re: Ghost music

    Hey Falcon,
    I am a huge fan of \"The Others\"


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    Re: Ghost music

    It\'s an older score, but \"Poltergeist\" by Jerry Goldsmith has a lot of strong elements in that vein.

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    Re: Ghost music

    I wonder if the score for disney\'s upcoming \'The Haunted Mansion\' will be any good.

    Pirates was an okay score...but a bit of a let down. Does anyone know who\'s doing the score for the Haunted Mansion?

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    Re: Ghost music

    Maybe Camille Saint-Saens will do the Haunted Mansion score. That he\'s been dead for 82 years makes him perfect for the job!

    But seriously, Saint-Saens\' Danse Macabre offers a view of how a 19th century French composer would approach it . You can hear a short clip here:


    I first heard that piece back in Kindergarden. It still sounds as magical today as it did back then.

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    Re: Ghost music

    HOLY COW Potergeist came out probably 20 years ago and I\'m still affraid of that movie hahahaha (granted I have not seen it since) What about \"The Six Sense\" also a movie that scored high on the creepometer was \"The Ring\". I agree that \"The Others\" was deccent. OH yeah what about \"The Omen\"? Hope these help out.
    Cheers Seth [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Ghost music

    Omen has some really scary music. The song \" The Demise Of Mrs Baylock\" is ultra scary. Im afraid of that song.

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    Re: Ghost music

    Some x-files episodes [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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