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Topic: Completed Demo...

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    Completed Demo...

    After putting this song off for a couple months, I got back on it and finished the thing. Kind of a weird ending, but it seemed to be appropriate.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/mp3/Biased_Drift.mp3 )

    Any comments/suggestions would be welcome. I would like a second ear since I\'ve gone deaf with the home-made beats. Ugh...

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    Re: Completed Demo...

    Dear Aaron,

    The piece consists of many great invididual sections. But the overall consistency of the composition is very transparent. Its more like a portfolio showoff, then an actual composition.

    Anyway. There is NO doubts that you can compose. But sometimes we wanna do everything at one time. But the more we stash, the more we have to trash. Simplicity is a scarry thing. But whether we like ir or not, we have to pick a road. You might wanna be more stringent in that pursue.

    Love - Chris

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    Re: Completed Demo...

    I agree with Lewis.

    the composition, in my opinion (all subjective afterall [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) says so many things that in the end it says not much more than \"I like to compose, but I have no clear understanding what I\'m trying to say musically.\" I guess if it was supporting a picture that was as dynamically changing as the music than I\'d be able to digest it easier.

    The opening part grabs me, why not develop it. But you absolutely lose me when the \"Hooked On Classics\" Disco drums come in. Remember when they put disco drums on Beethoven\'s 5th?

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    Re: Completed Demo...

    Many great ideas as usual, and I enjoyed it. I have to agree with Lewis somewhat here in that I would have liked to heard more development of any one of those ideas. Every time I started to \"get\" what was going on, a different idea would appear and in the end, nothing stands out in my memory too much. I remember liking alot of things, but I just can\'t remember too many specifics.

    At 00:48 thru about 01:07 there was some really great interplay going on there, I remember that standing out in my head, so I went back and listended again to verify the times. Again though, there was so much potential all over the place for really good stuff to get fired up and cooking, but while I smelled something good, I never got to take a bite, if that makes any sense metaphorically.

    btw - what solo trumpet were you using at 01:03? I really dug it.

    Aaron, really good stuff. I always like your work, and look forward to hearing more. As far as a suggestion goes, as has been mentioned here already, you\'ve got some good stuff to work with. Now eliminate what is not truly needed, and refine it to the ideas that most define the idea you\'re going after. Then force yourself not to wonder from those ideas, but tear them apart, inside and out and develope the crap out of them and you will have something even more outstanding.


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    Re: Completed Demo...

    The construction reminds on Trevor Rabin and Zimmer\'s early action cues.

    I like the part from 0:10 to 1:30, kind of \"Face Off 2\" you just need some sexy guitars..

    The rest I don\'t like...too many notes..heheh


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    Re: Completed Demo...


    first you clearly named the piece right because the song (do you want to call it that?) is drifting all over the place but clearly is trying to stabilize but doesn\'t make it.

    Well now some advice:

    1. You have too many climax sections/peaks but they are all missing the necessary build up to the climax point. You want to go the peak quickly, which can work well sometimes but not when all the peaks are approached like that.
    The best way to construct a concrete piece is to have one or two climax, then not in same \"size\" one must be bigger climax. And you need to build up the climax, and aim for it from the beginning of the piece then when you reach the peak you either end the piece or climb down again. Often it takes 2/3 or ½ of the climax build up length to climb down again.
    2. Lose the pop drums or what ever it is from 1:12 you ruined the atmosphere which you had to that point and you really lost the change for great 2nd climax there with the choir.
    3. I also didn\'t see the point for the duet starting from 2:07?
    4. Limit the ideas which you will develop in one piece to two or three, then we will see some more concrete and \"real\" compositions.

    Btw. Aaron, I remember when I was starting to compose, about your age, my pieces had the same problems as you have in this piece. It takes practice to be able to compose a well constructed compositions, just like if you\'re learning to play on piano or something else. So just practice and practice! Need advice? Just ask.

    Btw. Do you use notation applications like Sibelius to compose?

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    Re: Completed Demo...

    Ack! SEE?! I hate using beats in orchestral music! I was trying to keep the piece \"contemporary,\" but I guess that kinda bombed. I had the same gut feeling that this piece felt kind of, \"random,\" without a smooth structure. (I felt it in my bones) I guess I was aiming more at just FINISHING the piece than refining it.

    That \'duet\' at the end actually plays the motif that plays during the very beginning, and another section towards the end. Kind of the, \"theme,\" I\'m guessing. It was supposed to act as some kind of \'exhale.\"

    Whew, tough crowd, but I appreciate no beating around the bush. I\'ll chuck out some more ideas.

    Falcon: I use Finale 2003 whenever I want my midi compositions translated. I never use it as a sequencer for giga though.

    Lex: \"Too many notes.\" Amadeus...

    MichaelAngelo450: That little section there wasn\'t a solo trumpet, that was SAM trumpets. Thats the only trumpet section in the piece. Later on though Kirk Hunter solo trumpet is used.

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