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Topic: First Orchestral Composition

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    First Orchestral Composition

    I\'m newbie in game music and I\'m working on my first orchestral composition. Here is 20 seconds piece of it and I\'d like to hear your comments what you thing about it and how to improve overall sound.


    Thanks a lot


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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    It\'s pretty good.

    I think the melody needs a bit more support. Er...that is...what I think was the melody. The violin part. It was too thin for the nature of the very obvious thick texture of the rest of the song.

    Try adding a harmony(ies) too it, support it with some bass, double it at the octave with 2nd violin or another instrument, or all of the above.

    But overall it sounds pretty good thusfar.

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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    What seemingly used to be commonplace on this board has almost all disappeared. I hope that some people check this out to review. I like the chordal progression. I agree that it does need some other supporting harmonies...or really just more instrumentation to it. It is very good conceptually, but will definitely benefit from more depth. Sounds Armageddon-ish (the main theme) with the warm pad. Great work.

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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Hey Pro,
    Posting music after only eight posts huh? It took me two months! Folk might be onto something there, but seeing as it\'s only 20 secs long I have to give you the benefit of the doubt [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Your mix is nice and you have a good overall tone going on, but... The Snare! It sounds like it\'s in the soundtrack of the movie being shown in the theatre next door to one I\'m in. (at least I hope it\'s a snare!) Bring that sucker forward a bit, pull back some of that verb and see what happens. The cymbal crash sounds a bit off too. This is nit-picky stuff. Overall it\'s a very good sound you have going there. Finish it and keep em coming.


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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Hi Pro,

    fine start - however, I agree with what has been said above. Of course this piece is way too short for comments on harmony progression etc., you have a beginning of a theme so my advice is to finish it and then when you have more, publish it again here for our review.

    However, one tip - you may want to build up more dynamic before the horn comes with the theme. Work your way up from very weak to very strong and blasting sound.

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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Sounds great to me. I experience it as an introduction to some larger theme, so I don\'t think that the \"melody\" needs more support.

    If the music will become softer as it progresses, then adding more depth and more instruments may make sense. It\'s already big, and you may want to make it bigger. On the other hand you may want to show some restraint here, if the music will grow even bigger in the next bars.

    I like it. I want to know where it goes next.

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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Hi Pro,
    Very professional sounding build up.
    I am also wondering if that is a snare in the back ground or a roll on the cymbals ? It is an interesting effect either way .
    From first impression it does seem like the violins are developing a melody and the horns are coming in as an over powering accompaniment but there are two factors here,
    1= Is this for a video game? If it is, it would be in the form of program writing which is aloud to head in any musical or structural direction that is required for the scene.
    2= It is just to short of a sample to tell you how good your dynamics are for each section . This doesn\'t allow us to see what you are trying to achieve and doesn\'t give us the ability to critique your writing or manipulation of your samples, i.e... reverb, panning, expression etc.

    From what I hear though, so far so good. You really got it going in 20 seconds! Nice instrumentation and good overall depth in sound!
    Please post more of this piece if you can. I know we would all enjoy it.
    Good luck,

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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Not much to add to the other posts. I like it. The mix is spacious and well balanced, the instrumentation is good and it has a nice sense of movement and build-up. It\'s too short of course to offer more in the way of critique but it\'s a very good start!


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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Woow, so much replies [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    Thanks a lot for all of them. I\'ll try to finish that composition as soon as possible to get more of your criticism.


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    Re: First Orchestral Composition

    Cool !!!
    Waiting with anticipation. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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