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Topic: GOS vibrato??

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    Re: GOS vibrato??

    It\'s just GOS..maybe the new updates will improve things...untill then, use it for what it does great, and for what it doesn\'t use something else if you have.


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    Re: GOS vibrato??

    layer a solo string over the top. Just about every ensemble library will benefit form this technique

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    Re: GOS vibrato??

    Oh and try to use NV/Vib crossfade patches..
    You can get some nice expressivnes with those..

    If they only had natural attacks and true ppp..sigh..


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    GOS vibrato??

    I have been using the GOS libray for about 6 months now and still can\'t seem to get a warm and full vibrato [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] . It either seems very fast and couded or I\'m doing something wrong- is this just the sound of the vibrato with the GOS strings?

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