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Topic: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

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    Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Hello again. I\'ve just spent the last four hours trying to recreate the sound of a Baldwin Electric Harpsichord. Not easy.

    The original instrument was plastered over almost every film and TV show in the 60s, and it had a beautiful, quite unique timbre - slightly eerie and rather melancholic. It was not unlike the Coral electric sitar in tone.

    So anyway, I tried to remake it on the fly. First I quickly downloaded some OK harpsichord soundfonts, and then opened them in Kontakt (on the whole, Kontakt doesn\'t seem to like soundfonts). I then put the new Kontakt Hpschd through a rotary VST effect, fiddled about for a couple of hours and bingo. Well, not quite. It\'s about 60% there (and I\'m being optimistic).

    If any library developers such as Michiel Post
    are reading this, please take note: the Baldwin was a terrific instrument and is ripe for a digital rebirth. Well, I\'d buy it anyway.

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    They are REALLY hard to find now....much more difficult than most vintage keys.

    I think there is only guy in LA that still has one....I\'ve been loking for this instrument to sample for many years.


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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Originally posted by spectrum:
    They are REALLY hard to find now....much more difficult than most vintage keys.

    I think there is only guy in LA that still has one....I\'ve been loking for this instrument to sample for many years.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">There were three of them on ebay within about two weeks of each other a few months ago. They went for around $1000-1500 each. One of them was in Houston where I live. I bid but it went over my budget. If I could get a hold of one I\'d sample it immediately. You can actually get a simlar sound out of a Clavinet, just with a little less pluck. Somehow I\'d think the demand for the Baldwin would be far too small for most of the companies to do it. Dave from Sonic Reality tells me there will be some Baldwin samples in Vol. 2 of thier Vintage Timetraveller library. Who knows how long before that\'s finally out though.


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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Hey SonicVI! Any chance you would be interested in a Houston Northern Sounds hang?

    What part of Houston are you in? (Westside, myself)

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Is that the instrument used on the Addams Family TV show theme?

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Lee U`ve been totally cracking me up !When did u find this!! Rich [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    I mean the Baldwin, not the Lego thing

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Probably the one band that I know of that made the most use of the Baldwin was Jellyfish on their 1990 debut Bellybutton. Probably half of the songs have the Baldwin in them. They used an acoustic harpsichord on their followup Spilt Milk which is one of the greatest pop records ever made imo.

    Some other notable uses that I know of include:
    The Beatles - Because
    Aerosmith - Dream On
    Matthew Sweet - Thunderstorm
    XTC- The Last Balloon

    Hey Austin, I\'m westside too, just north of I-10, and I work downtown. Yeah, maybe we can meet sometime.

    EXS-24 Samples

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    BTW, if anyone is going to make a project out of sampling the Baldwin harpsichord, here\'s another unique instrument they could add to the collection. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Lee Blaske
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Lee,
    I\'ve seen this Lego harpsichord. It\'s incredible that it plays. Listen to this MP3 of the Lego Harpsichord! @-)
    Compare that to this one : of my Virginal. How about that?

    The Baldwin is very hard to find indeed. I never tried getting such a sound from my harspichord samples but it shouldn\'t be too difficult to use Kontakt\'s fine effects to make something very similar. After all the plucked string sound is there. All other factors can be emulated I\'d guess. Is there a short audio clip with the solo sound of the Baldwin Harpsichord that I can download?

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    Re: Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

    here\'s an mp3 with three different examples of the Baldwin. They all sound quite different, probably due to the fact that the Baldwin has 4 pickups, two in the front and two in the back, that can be mixed together in any amount.
    The clips here in case anyone\'s interested are: Now She Knows She\'s Wrong\" by Jellyfish, \"The Last Balloon\" by XTC, and \"Thunderstorm\" by Matthew Sweet.


    EXS-24 Samples

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