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Topic: Can't install GSNFX4 ? ? ?

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    Can\'t install GSNFX4 ? ? ?

    Since I just did a reinstall of GStudio, I get the same error when I try to install GSNFX4:

    \"Setup failed to detect a previously installed version of GigaStudio\"


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    Re: Can\'t install GSNFX4 ? ? ?

    I got this same message before. This happened when I re-installed the version 2.5 update without re-installing the full 2.5 version first. Can you get into the gigastudio program at all now? If Gigastudio itself is not functioning you probably have the same problem I did. If you do, use the Tascam clean uninstall procedure and make sure you are loading the full version of the software before you load the update. Hope that helps.

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