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Topic: World Winds users? I need help!!!

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    World Winds users? I need help!!!

    I\'m just trying to get the basic idea of this lib, call me stupid but gotta start somewhere yea?

    I\'m a newbie to the orchestral sample world, and just need someone to give me a few tips on keyswitching, etc...

    I\'d like to tackle WW first though. Would this be a decent lib to learn on? Any pointers, tutorials would be of great help!

    (P.S. I also just bought GOS, LOP, SAM, and RI.)Where do I start?



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    Re: World Winds users? I need help!!!

    I have world winds, but I\'m not sure what do you need help with?


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    Re: World Winds users? I need help!!!

    Hey lex,

    Yeah guess my post was a bit too \'general\'. Basically I\'m trying to learn everything at once (GigaStudio, use of articulations, crossfading, keyswitching, etc) which is not smart. Wrorld Winds just happened to be the first lib I started on...

    So guess I was looking for a small tutorial for World Winds. Could you possibly post a very basic mp3 example and kind of walk me though how you made it?



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    Re: World Winds users? I need help!!!

    Well yes...
    but when I find time for it..

    I suggest you scavabge trough archived posts first...
    Early posts are full of startup information.


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    Re: World Winds users? I need help!!!


    Thanks much. Yeah I\'ve checked alot of the early posts but am not having any luck.


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