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Topic: MidiOverLan and Vstack?

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    MidiOverLan and Vstack?

    I think I\'ve decided to go Vstack/sound card with some new machines (as opposed to FX-Teleport), but I have no experience with Vstack, and I didn\'t want to make assumptions.

    Can I trigger Vstack with MidiOverLan? This is how I\'ve been working with Giga for a long while now, controlled via the network, so I would assume that Vstack could be similiarly controlled without any need for a SystemLink setup.

    But just in case, I thought I\'d ask before I spent.

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    Re: MidiOverLan and Vstack?

    In a word, \"Yes\".

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    Re: MidiOverLan and Vstack?

    Woot, thnx Simon!

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    Re: MidiOverLan and Vstack?

    ...and don\'t forget Bidule (free) and Console (beta version only). VStack is very pretty, and Console is slightly less so, and Bidule seems to work a bit better than Console. (Don\'t use Console in a GS system because it will steal set-up midi inputs from GS: don\'t set up a midi port in Consile that GS will be using).

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