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Topic: Standardizing sample library demos

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    Standardizing sample library demos

    I just got the PMI Grandioso library and while I\'m quite impressed by most of the patches, one of them has some pretty bad velocity switching. It\'s the Wet + sustain patch from F#2-B2. I just emailed Post Audio Media about it.

    This problem got me wondering if there\'s a way I could have known about this beforehand, and the solution, to me at least, is pretty clear. I suggest we all demand STANDARDIZED TEST DEMOS, in addition to whatever other demos the developer wants us to hear. These would consist of a set of MIDI files that all developers would reference to test their library. These files would consist of unmusical tests.

    This is easy to illustrate with regard to piano libraries. The unmusical MIDI test demos would consist of a chromatic scale from the very lowest note to the very highest note. Each pitch of the scale would consist of 9 notes with velocities 1,16, 32…127. This way we would all hear the full dynamic range of every note of the library. I’m completely aware that such a demo is entirely unmusical. However, it will certainly reveal problems such as bad velocity switching in a note or two (which is something that can be ignored by a normal “musical” demo). Another unmusical MIDI file would be the same thing, but with the sustain pedal down.

    What do you guys think of this? Is it a good idea? I sure think so.

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Standardizing sample library demos

    [QUOTE]Hi tony lombardi:

    As a developer I always make check midi-files like that and run them before I release. As I am a user of my own libraries I hate to hear a \"bad\" note and will replace it. Usually beta-testers catch it too - and they can be really mean! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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