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Topic: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

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    Someone please just shoot me!!!!!


    Before I take my brand new Dell and toss it, along with GStudio, out a **** window.

    Someone please tell me why I am getting a ***** WAVESTREAM error every time I TRY to launch GStudio.

    I have trashed it. Reinstalled it. FDISK my PC and started over. I just installed GStudio...latest version and BANG!!!

    I am using that new Radium USB keyboard as a controller. That\'s all fine.


    help!!! SOS!!

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    What OS are you using? What are the specs of your machine. Giga in XP or 2K is very picky about other devices on the machine. Try disabling other devices in device manager. Also, maybe something is loading on startup is doesn\'t like. You can use the msconfig program in XP to disable programs that run at startup.

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    Win XP. Start up is empty

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    uhm....have you tried not using the radium keyboard? Uninstalling the drivers?

    USB is supposed to be problematic with Giga isnt it? I mean I\'ve only read it a million times on the forum, not actually having had any probs with USB myself.

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    Hey Francis,

    I don`t know how many people here use XP. I`ve stuck with `98 on my Giga PC. A friend who bought a fully configured XP Giga rig always seems to get strange problems. If I were you, I`d try it with `98.

    Sorry not be of any more help!

    Good luck,


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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    Now fixed [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] this topic was corrupted for some reason [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    The gun is in the left hand drawer LOL


    I just did a clean install of xp and I am gonna try this again.

    I think the Radium can be used without USB power and just use wall wart and midi out to my other midi interface.

    PS. Papa. Sorry about that. Not sure what caused it.

    BTW. I am glad to hear it! ... you know what I mean.


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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!


    I was not aware of that. USB issue. My GIGA drive is an external USB 2.0 drive (80gig) never had a prob.

    Like I said I may kill the USB side of this controller. I will not return it, dab nag it!

    The thing rocks!

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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    I have heard that USB devices are the biggest culprit in bringing up the Conexant wavestream error, particularly midiman midi interfaces. Although I have a midiman USB midi interface, an external usb audio interface and a buttload of other USB stuff hooked up and have never had that error. I have used this setup with ME and XP. Same results.

    Tascam claims it is a windows error. I\'m not sure they have ever looked on the back of the GS CD and noticed the Conexant logo.


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    Re: Someone please just shoot me!!!!!

    thats all good but I have no controller without the radium. I just got it too. Work well for a few hours anyway.

    Do u guys know about just using without USB ?

    I can connect it to my other midi interface and tell giga to use it not USB Radium

    Good plan?

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