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Topic: Neocymatics Hybrid Strings Group Buy

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    Thumbs up Neocymatics Hybrid Strings Group Buy

    Hey guys, I spoke with Marios from Neocymatics and I am organizing a small group buy. So if you are interested in the amazing "Hybrid Strings" library, PM me with your name and email and I can get the ball rolling! This is a modest requirement for a nice price reduction so if you need an expressive string library, snag this deal up.

    Regular full price translates to about $340.

    Group Buy Pricing

    2 people - $314
    3 people - $295
    4 - 7 people - $275 (presently here)
    8 or more - $255

    Ends tomorrow, Friday! 11-9-12

    Hybrid Strings - Sample Library Developer
    This runs on the full version of Kontakt 5

    - Bob

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    Re: Neocymatics Hybrid Strings Group Buy

    I am happy to announce that we have reached our maximum discount goal!

    Thank you

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