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Topic: Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

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    Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

    Has anyone tried out the Applied Acoustics Lounge Lizard Physically Modelled Electric Piano? I think it\'s pretty cool for a VST, DXi softsynth, but I was wondering if anyone has compared it to the great sounding Scarbee Rhodes samples? Just curious.... Thanks!

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    Re: Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

    I think it sounds respectably good although I prefer Emagic\'s EVP88.

    Also, I find it a bit pricey for being essentially just a e.piano simulator....maybe it\'s just me but...

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    Re: Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

    A mate of mine has Lounge Lizard and I\'ve always thought it was great.

    When I heard Scarbee was making a Rhodes library, I couldn\'t work out why he was bothering when not only did the LL sound good, but it had editing possibilities which couldn\'t be approached using sampling instead of modelling.

    Then I played the beta version of the RSP73 and it became clear.

    I\'d forgotten what my original Rhodes really sounded and played like!

    It had been so long since I\'d had a real Rhodes under my mits. I\'d been using DX7s, the Roland SA piano module,\'good\' sample sets for years, and more recently modelled pianos, and my memory of the real McCoy had been adulterated and diluted by all these other derivative products.

    Simply put, Scarbee\'s Rhodes plays and sounds EXACTLY like a true 73 Stage Rhodes piano. Everything else sounds ok, or close - and for a lot of people close just doesn\'t cut it.

    Now if I ever want an authentic Rhodes sound, I don\'t feel like there is any choice at all.

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    Re: Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

    Thanks for the posts..... yeah... I really have to check out the Scarbee asap. I really do like playing the Lounge Lizard, but I\'m hearing that the touch response of the Scarbee is incredible.

    I suppose with the Lounge Lizard, you would get more of a variety of different types of EL Pianos.... but with the Scarbee, you get the best possible Rhodes with all its different variations.

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    Re: Lounge Lizard - Electric Piano - VST, DXi, etc.

    Don\'t see Lounge Lizard as a Rhodes clone.. it got it\'s own sound which is very cool! And it sounds more wurlitzer than rhodes imo [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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