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Topic: Kontakt won't import gigs

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    Kontakt won\'t import gigs

    Anyone know anything about this? I\'ve heard that Kontakt imports .gig files natively but I can\'t get Tobias\' gtown stuff to work for me on a Mac. I know there\'s not a preference to set to get it to see .gigs. It just lists it as unknown and can\'t do a thing with it. Hopefully I\'m overlooking something.

    Thanks (oops wrong section)

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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs

    This happened to me because of the way the file gets encoded over the internet. the type info gets wacked.
    I use Filetype 1.01 on OS X to Change the file type info.
    There are a couple apps including resedit you can use under 9. What I did was use a good giga file to get the right info then changed the G-town files to match. At least it solved my problems.
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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs


    Thanks for the info. That sounds great except i don\'t have any .gig files to take a template from. But I think you\'re right. Stuffit keeps telling me that some file damage has occurred. I\'ve tried D/L with Netscape and Explorer. Maybe I\'ll just go ahead and buy a giga library. There\'s a lot of \'em I could use.

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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs

    This is what my giga files read as
    CREATOR: LMAN / TYPE: TEXT All caps just like that.
    If you have Res Edit or a Mac file-typing app you can change it manually.

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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs

    Thanks Jamie, Good idea but I tried it and it doesn\'t work. Hmmmm, I\'m beginning to think it\'s specific to my system. Malmso Grand doesn\'t import either. What a pain in the butt.

    Maybe OSX can do something with them.

    Got any other ideas?

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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs

    Works for me under OS X. Are you downloading the zipped files? You may need Stuff-it 7.03. I had some other problems til I got that. Are you running OS X at all?

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    Re: Kontakt won\'t import gigs


    Yeah, I am running OSX as well. As I mentioned in the other thread I was having some trouble with Stuffit but it appears I have that part of it straightened out. I\'m now trying to get Kontakt to recognize MAG. When I work that out I\'ll turn my attention back to the gtown stuff.

    This is almost a relief since I was feeling uninspired lately anyway. This will give me something to do.


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