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Topic: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

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    Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    This topic is about sample libraries but not in conjunction with gigasampler, so I apologise, but I really need help [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    OK, I have Synclavier World & Orchestral Percussion CD (AKAI format). The samples are great for me.
    Previewing the samples in HALion before I load them is fine, no prob.

    However, when I\'m actually loading these into HALion, they aren\'t playing properly. Some are OK, some (eg, cymbals) are playing back as very strange sounds! They appear to be mapped to the right keys, so I don\'t think there\'s a problem there.

    Anybody had this experience, or know if I\'m doing something wrong? It\'s exceedingly frustrating as you can imagine!!!

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    You might try to convert the files with Chickensys Translator, maybe this won\'t give the same problems.

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    I have the same CD. It\'s not the disk. Importing is not exact on a program to program basis. HALion and a certain program just may not interface perfectly. On those particular programs, Translator could be an excellent option.

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    Thanks guys, will try and get hold of Translator then... Yet another thing to buy [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    Did you check if the LFO is linked to the aftertouch parameter in Halion? It might be it.

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    SW - sorry, not sure how to check that out - can you explain?

    The latest on this problem is that I downloaded the demo of CDExtract which works on AKAI format to HALion. This did not solve the problem so I\'m guessing that Chicken Translator won\'t either...

    What is strange is that things like vibes, celeste, and other things are absolutely fine - it\'s just the things I needed to use like the cymbals, seem to be the problem!

    Any other thoughts?

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    Re: Synclavier Orch Percussion Problems :(

    CDXtract and Translator are different. One may work where the other doesn\'t.

    Check to see if your cymbals are set so that their pitch DOESN\'T follow their keyboard position. This may be why the tuned percussion works, but untuned doesn\'t. If your Halion cymbal zone is set to follow keyboard pitch, and the cymbal\'s original unity note is C#2, but it\'s assigned to C#3, the cymbal will play as if it is playing at double speed.

    I don\'t have Halion, so I can\'t point you in the right direction for the edit parameter, sorry.

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