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Topic: The anatomy of a .gig file--on a hex level

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    The anatomy of a .gig file--on a hex level

    I was looking at a .gig file in a hex editor, and I saw the names of all the instruments. If I could find out the protocol on how this file is structured, I could easily write a program to dump a .gig\'s complete articulation list to a text file, making my review process a lot easier.

    Anyone know where I can read up on the structure, down to the byte level, of a .gig file?

    For instance, I already know the instrument (articulation) list starts at 0x00000D68, with \"ins LIST\". But the instruments aren\'t all clumped together.. there are huge blocks of data between each name.


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    Re: The anatomy of a .gig file--on a hex level

    Hmm, you might have or have not noticed that there is a whole Chickensys Translator forum at Northern Sounds.
    Garth would be the ideal person to ask this question to, I bet he know everything there is to know about what you just asked......will he be willing to answer it though?

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    Re: The anatomy of a .gig file--on a hex level

    Nevermind.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] already figured it out. The .gig file is great. tells you how many instruments it has, too. I now have a script that successfully dumps ALL instrument names. woohoo

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