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Topic: Viewing available controllers in a sample?

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    Viewing available controllers in a sample?

    As more and more samples are coming out with more controllers, such as Warm, Xfades, etc. I was wondering if there is a way to view the available controllers either in GS or in GS Edit.

    I want to be able to look at only the controllers that actually do something to the sound.

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    Re: Viewing available controllers in a sample?

    if you are working with Xsample instruments, you can look at the help files. All controllers are listed.



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    Re: Viewing available controllers in a sample?

    Well of course any library manual will provide you with the controllers programmed. Or, you could open the sample in the editor, and look in the DIMENSION tabs which controllers are listed (e.g. \"Keyboard\" for Keyswitching or \"Layer\" for crossfading or something similar).

    Best, Maarten

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    Re: Viewing available controllers in a sample?

    Indeed, most of the time the manuals will tell me, but with free gigs online, I want to check and make sure I\'m not missing any controllers.

    I will check the dimensions, but is there a way to see if the samples respond to other controllers, like a WARM controller or similar, or would that be in the same section.

    As I said, I\'m not very fluent with the Editor. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Viewing available controllers in a sample?

    I made this screenshot of the editor.


    Ok after opening the file in the editor, look up the program you want to know the controllers of (1).

    Then (2) look what dimensions are programmed, in this case a LAYER and a release trigger.

    Click the MIX/LAYER tab and choose the crossfade editor button (3).

    Here (4) you can see what controller number controls the LAYER dimension, in this case controller 1. You can also see here what it\'s doing: crossfading between soft and loud samples.

    Best, Maarten

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