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Topic: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

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    Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    I\'m looking for a nice drum/percussion library for GigaStudio with plenty of oomph.. all kinds of drums ranging from huge booming drums to thin hollow sounding things. Also, maybe percussion: nice metal hits, clangs, etc.

    StormDrum seems pretty cool. All I have is LOP and the heaviest thing seems to be the bass drums. But that\'s not enough. Any recommendations?

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    I don\'t know if your looking in a all in one package. But Drumkit From Hell will cover your huge booming heavy kickass drums part. It\'s also cheap, so you can add with other kits and perc.

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    StormDrums, Percussive Adventures, Percussive Adventures 2. All of those will have some sort of one shots for you (not the Audio CDs).

    Sonic Implants has some \"junk Percussion\" CD I think

    As well there are Distorted Reality 1/2 which has some stuff you can use to make hits

    Another great thing is to get some sort of recorder and make your own [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Pitch \'em to hell

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    I say get a cheap drum library and process it [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Compression, EQ and various other effects can go a long way, if you know how. I always compress my perc/drum tracks. Compression is an art, though. It\'s easy to overdo it.

    I\'m not an expert on drums at all, but I know that you can achieve much with little when it comes to effects.

    A library such as the one you describe would have to be Percussive Adventures or Storm Drums I guess, but these kinds of libraries are easily recognizable in a lot of film music nowadays because they are used shamelessly. I think the fun begins when you extract single samples and start processing them till they sound totally different from the original. It might take you a week or two to make a completely new library out of a library you buy (hehe trust me, I\'ve done it) - but in the end you\'ll have something that\'s exclusive. A private collection of samples. Nothing beats that. There are loads of libraries out there that are nice starting grounds for such projects. Just listen to demos on www.soundsonline.com and www.ilio.com .


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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    IMHO Drumkit from Hell sounds very good, natural acoustic kit, but in order to make it huge you will have to process it anyway.

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    Thanks for the advice. I\'m not so sure Drumkit From Hell would go too well with an epic orchestral score, would it? There\'s a lot of rock/jazz drums in there. I need big booming drums and metal hits. Seems like maybe Percussive Adventures would be a better route?

    I checked out Noise Pollution on Sonic Implants\' site. $20, downloadable.. not a bad deal!

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    What\'s Culture? I did a search on a handful of sample sites and didn\'t see it.

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    I hear Heart of Africa is great for extre ethnic percussion

    I like the percussion on Ethno world, tho it could have done with more velocities, yet there are ALOT of hits on the ethnic stuff, and has one timbale patch thats pitches low and is my \"to die for\" open snare sound

    Franz\'s VR Sound Percussion has alot of useful stuff on it, and its pretty cheap. Again, more velocities would have been REAL nice here since there\'s such an abumcance of cool instruments. Still again, on some instruments there are alot of hits so it makes it possible to get alot of variety

    for \"big\" sounds, its up to you to provess the stuff you have.

    Perc Adv has some great one shots and single hits, but the bulk of the lib is performances. Storm Drums, from the looks of it, will be half performance half single hits (at the size of the lib thats a good thing). Perc Adv 2 has very little info at the mo\'

    Culture should be an incredibly cool unit, being how they sampled some instruments (the snare with \"outward moving\" hits, shoul dmake for somethign incredibly versatile and real)

    I only have one problem with Yellow Tools stuff, its super clean, everything is \"perfect\". Pure Drums has such a clean sound that I end up layering and splitting frequencies to create a more \"live\" feel...but thats drums. Seperate percussion instruments should be a different story, on top of it its VSTi, so mixing is a whole lot easier since I\'ve got my choice of plug-ins, in real time, instead of ... well.. you know... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I was looking forward to it, but I\'m not sure I really need it right now (tho you can never have too much percussion IMO)

    You can create alot more \"big\" sounds out of what you have BTW, I actually made some nice \"big\" snare ensembles out of LOP back when there was a debate on whether the library could get taht sound. They\'re useful, but took a bit of sample editing to create. I know for a fact I could take more out of it and make crazy huge stuff.

    Also SFX CDs can give you some cool stuff. Tho I picked up East West\'s SFX batch of CD\'s on clearance for the hell of it, and am REALLY glad I didn\'t buy it for using as foley stuff, since its on the \"b-movie\" side of sounds in most parts, tho any SFX lib needs the end user to tweak stuff.. Using this stuff to filter and make wacky rhytmic stuff should be fun tho.... uppercut, uppercut,..mighty blow, muh-muh-muh-mighty blow [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    White noise, pink noise, and effects and filters go a long way too. If that weren\'t the case Eric and the peeps at Spectrasonics wouldn\'t have put those in as optional \"sounds\" in stylus.

    Recycle, or Beat Creator (or phatmatic pro which I\'ve still yet to check out) should be great tools to make ANYTHING quirky and rhytmic, I use them all the time for screwing stuff up, used them a ton on creating whacked out sounds for some remixes on that other upcoming percussion library I mentioned above. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Bang on everything and record it, if you have a drummer friend have him come over and act \"fidgety\" like most of them do and they\'ll bang on everything around the house. You can try to encourage this and record it, but I\'m not liable for any damage they can cause.

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    Agreed about Ethno World and Heart of Africa.

    Also agree about Pure Drums which I\'ve never got on with, Real Giga Drums is much more like it and I believe that Ilio are going to do a Giga compatible version of the excellent Interactive Drum Kits and Snares.

    I\'ve just got Culture and it does sound very clean but not over processed like Pure Drums and there\'s a nice amount of air around the samples. The samples are a little on the bright side for me but that\'s being really picky and this does make them cut through a mix. They are generally excellent as a whole. Unfortunately the Timps haven\'t been done chromatically which is a shame because they sound excellent. You only get two notes [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

    I\'d say Culture\'s strength is in world/ethnic percussion. There is \"Industrial\" and orchestral stuff which is nice but there\'s less of it. I think of \"industrial\" as clanking, metalic and processed but Culture includes someone slapping on a flight case in this catagory! Sounds nice though. I\'d say Culture is the most rounded collection of all the percussion libraries and it does cover a lot of ground.

    The best thing about Culture for me is the playability. The mapping is well thought out it seems much easier to get convincing performances with multisamples than with other libs. There are no Loops BTW.

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    Re: Looking for a heavy kickass drum/perc library

    Originally posted by MDesigner:
    What\'s Culture? I did a search on a handful of sample sites and didn\'t see it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Sam,

    EASTWEST is the exclusive North Americian and Australasian distributor of the incredible CULTURE.

    You can get a full list of instruments from our website at http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=YT-100

    It\'s strength is in the detail. Over 700 samples for one snare drum! Start in the middle of the keyboard and work your way out to mimic the tonal changes of the real instrument. 9 Gigs of material!!

    If you are a good player - there is nothing more \'performance\' orientated - and with drum pads - the results go up to the next level.

    YT demo\'d CULTURE at NAMM to a lot of very high-profile musicians, and they were blown away!!

    The interface, which was designed in-house, is optimized for the enclosed material - NO SAMPLER IS REQUIRED!

    I can tell already from initial sales and feedback from users, this is going to be a monster!!

    Take care,

    Doug Rogers

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