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Topic: Newbie question: recorded notes won't sustain

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    Newbie question: recorded notes won't sustain

    Hi. I just started using Instant Orchestra. I'm using it as a vst instrument plug-in in the Presonus Studio One DAW. There is no sustain for any note once it has been recorded in the DAW. I can hear the note sustain before it's recorded but once I play back the recording all I hear is a short blip. I can get some results tweaking the ADSR in the instrument control section of Aria but it's not satisfactory--a long cymbal roll just sounds like somebody turned on the fawcet. I'm using a super old kybd but other vsti's work.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Re: Newbie question: recorded notes won't sustain

    You should post this in the Garritan Libraries >General Discussion section.


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