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Topic: I caved! :)

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    I caved! :)

    Radium is a new breed of controller. Designed to meet the needs of today’s electronic musicians, Radium puts you in control of any 16 MIDI-assignable parameters within your favorite software programs. Radium is also a USB MIDI interface that speaks directly with your computer without any extra devices. You don’t need a separate MIDI interface for this keyboard—it IS the MIDI interface.

    Flexibility and control
    Radium is perfect for applications like real-time soft synth control, virtual mixing, drum programming, live performance and more. The keyboard even doubles as an intuitive user interface, making control assignments a breeze.

    Radium Applications At A Glance

    Radium lends itself to a wide variety of applications that help blur the difference between stage and studio.

    Soft Synths
    Software synths are very much a reality—and along with them come dozens of parameters just begging to be tweaked. Radium lets you leave the tedium of the mouse behind and put your hands on any 16 MIDI parameters of your choice in real time.

    Getting Deeper
    Radium makes it easier for you to get deeper into your software programs. Unleash the full potential of your musical tools and push your creativity to the limit.

    Live Performance
    Radium gives you more freedom of expression on the stage than you’ve ever had before. And at only 8 pounds, Radium won’t break your back.

    Programming Drums
    Why take hours to program drums with a mouse? Now you can use Radium to play grooves into your software in real time. Then use the eight knobs and eight sliders to manipulate the dynamics, feel, effects and more.

    Hardware Access
    Synthesists can use Radium to put their hands on parameters normally buried deep within their hardware. Now it’s easy to express yourself without having to navigate through dozens of menus.

    Virtual Mixing
    Who wants to mix with a mouse? Now you can use Radium’s eight sliders to control your virtual faders. Radium’s knobs can also control pan, effects send amount and much more.
    Easy Control

    Controls in the USB Keystation series aren’t buried mysteriously in obscure menus. The keys have a second layer of functions, allowing you to program MIDI control information directly from the black and whites. Here’s how it works:

    • Press the MIDI/Select button.
    • Press the note on the keyboard with label corresponds to the parameter you wish to change.
    • Use the Data Entry slider to select the value or enter numeric values by pressing the keys labeled with numbers.

    Simple and elegant!

    Radium Features
    • 61-note keyboard
    • 8 knobs and 8 sliders assignable to any MIDI parameters
    • Pitch and modulation wheels
    • USB port routes 16 channels of MIDI I/O directly to and from your computer
    • MIDI Out jack routes MIDI signals from Radium to control external gear
    • Separate MIDI Out jack routes MIDI signals from your computer to control external gear—no separate interface needed
    • Octave up and down buttons extend keyboard range
    • Fully functional, 61-key MIDI controller keyboard sends all MIDI messages, such as modulation, pitch-bend, MIDI volume and more
    • Keyboard doubles as a data input device
    • Lightweight—easy to take wherever the music is
    • Power the Radium with the USB port or 9VDC power supply

    36\"(w) x 8.5\" (d) x 2.5\" (h); 7.1 lbs.

    System Requirements
    PC: Available USB Port and Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP
    Macintosh: Native USB Port, Mac OS 9.1 or later using OMS 2.3.7 or later; OS X or later

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    Re: I caved! :)

    Got a web address?

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    Re: I caved! :)

    I also have one of these. The assignable knobs and faders really come in handy when playing with plugins. My only wish is for one more octave.

    Ben Ripley

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