well, after lots of thinking(but ultimately with a blank mind) and just as little money with me to buy the EWQL Strings, i placed my order yesterday...i just couldnt control myself anymore....i\'m not a professional musician, i just have a morbid desire to express myself in the musical form...and orchestra drives my mind....

can you guys please let me know if i\'ll be able to run those strings on the laptop with AMD XP-2400 processor with 512mb of ram, with samples on the external 7200 rpm firewire drive....and when i go ahead and buy the other modules, would it make good difference in performence if i put different modules(strings, brass, woodwinds) on different 7200 rpm drives and be able to run them smoothly on this laptop??? as for what i think is that for disk streaming, most of the load is on harddisk reading the samples as fast as it can(so different disks reading different modules would sure give some good performance!!)

and can anybody please explain or give me some link how do you chain different computers to run the whole library using a single sequencer???