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Topic: Some Problems with KH Solo Strings...

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    Some Problems with KH Solo Strings...

    Hello, I have been running into a problem with my Kirk Hunter Solo strings and I\'m curious if anyone else has the same problem. Each CD basically came with one huge .gig file that has everything in it. So when you load up a file it loads everything. It loads first a patch that does nothing but describe the following patches. Then it has all the patches.

    Because it loads SO Much data, it\'s really taxing on my memory, so I choose the sound I want and select \"Unload unassigned\" from the pull down menu. That frees up substantial RAM. The problem I\'m having is when I save that as part of my set up, it reloads everything when I pull the setup back up. And not only that, giga won\'t let me change the sound from the useless patch back to the one I actually want to use. I have to unload all the sampes and reload. Any idea what causes this or why?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Some Problems with KH Solo Strings...

    Well usually there is a little + next to big files like that. Click it and then right click on the patch you want, then click \"load\". If you just double click the huge file it will load everything. -- This should work.


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    Re: Some Problems with KH Solo Strings...

    I had a problem loading the KHSS gigs (especially the main violin) on my 512M XP machine. After upgrading to 1.5G, it was fine. Mostly. I still had problems saving the whole gig from the editor. I ended up optimizing a gig with fewer sample sets and saving that. It worked fine and has all of the samples that I really wanted.

    BTW, the reason I re-did the gigs was to put each instrument on a different bank, so I could use consistent program numbers for each articulation. For instance, program 0 is HrdSus and program 20 is pizz for every instrument. It works great with Sibelius, in that I can add text such as \"pizz\" from my library to the score, and the correct sound automatically follows.

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