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Topic: new GRANDIOSO releases...

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    new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Today the KONTAKT version of both GRANDIOSO piano libraries are available on both CD\'s and DVD.
    For the true pianolovers I added 10 new demos comparing the different Kontakt patches of each libary (Steinway D versus Bösendorfer290) with several songs. You will find those on the new KONTAKT RELEASES page on PostPiano.com .
    We will add new releases during this month. The most promising one will be our 96 kHz/24 bits YAMAHA C7 with close and distant layers, true realtime re-pedalling and -as always- 16 velocity layers with seperate relesase samples all in one library! Sounds familiar... ? [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Michiel Post

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Originally posted by Lee Blaske:
    </font><blockquote><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><hr /><font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">true realtime re-pedalling
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">That sounds interesting. Could you explain it in more detail?
    Lee Blaske
    </font><hr /></blockquote><font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This trick is explained in more detail on my webpages that deal with the GRANDIOSO FX. Maple page There are also two small demo MP3\'s that demosntrate the effect.

    In short:

    On real grand piano you can press the sustain pedal at any moment and the strings will start to generate extra harmonics caused by the singing of the non-struck but resonant strings. This occurs also when a note is already playing and the pedal is pressed AFTER the initial note start.
    In every other softsampler application beside Konatkt you have to press the sustain pedal BEFORE you play a note in order to get the resonant notes (sustain pedal down notes) to play.
    This is insane for a real pianist.
    It’s like starting a vibrato before you start singing.
    GRANDIOSO FX, for Giga, lets you switch between the sustaining and non-sustaining samples in real-time. It gives a smooth cross-fade between the two samples exactly on the moment you press the sustain pedal, just like with a real grand piano. The difference with the standard Giga piano behaviour is amazing: you get more expression, more realism and an overall more natural sound.

    To do this I layer both non-sustain pedal samples and sustain samples and use the midi cc #64 as a trigger to make a crossfade between the two. A timedelay and ramp ensures that when the pedal is pressed the resonance starts to fade in just as in real-life.
    In Giga we need the Maple architecture to add this function, in KONTAKT however this is part of the engine. We only use controllers that are already in the program. The engine behind KONTAKT is really very flexible. You can use all of the midi cc\'s to influence almost any parameter in the sampler and have lots of options to act upon these functions. Like time delays, special ramps etc. Kind of like the Kurzweil VAST engine.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Michiel, is there any upgrade path for we who bought the GS version of the Bose 290? I might want to try and go with this superior Kontakt version.

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Originally posted by Simon Ravn:
    Michiel, is there any upgrade path for we who bought the GS version of the Bose 290? I might want to try and go with this superior Kontakt version.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hi Simon,
    Off coarse I don\'t forget my existing customers...

    The upgrade path from Giga to Kontakt is all the way down in my on-line store. You can reach it via the postpiano.com website, click on the BUY ONLINE navigation button.


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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Michiel: That\'s great news about the Yamaha C7!

    Can\'t wait to hear it! I\'m sure it will be fabulous!

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Originally posted by Mel Tron:
    Michiel: That\'s great news about the Yamaha C7!

    Can\'t wait to hear it! I\'m sure it will be fabulous!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I like Yamaha\'s, but I love Mason and Hamlin\'s best of all. Are you ever going to record one?


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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...


    I am an owner of your steinway disc and a fan.
    My questions are;
    when will the C7 be released?
    will it have less background noise in the samples.

    This in now way will effect my immenant purchase of Frankies C7!
    But I have been so hopefull for yamaha libraries that I can\'t wait for yours!


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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    We will record other pianos (soon) but I was more thinking of instruments like Bechstein, Fazioli and Baldwin.

    I can\'t say much about the release of the Yamaha. It takes many many months to finish such a library and we\'re still somewhere around the middle. I do have some pre-beta Giga and Kontakt versions but they are not good enough for release. One of the things to work on (a.o) is the final resolution: 96kHz IS demanding on your computer. Even with Kontakt rather efficient engine on the most powerful PC system I could get there is a maximum of 80 stereo voices. Not to mention the RAM hunger of 96/24 material. The Giga 2.5 version is still 16/48 and that is a big difference in sound quality. When the Giga 3 software becomes available I will be the first to use higher resolutions (if available) but for the moment the Giga-version isn\'t much more than a dull copy of the Kontakt 96/24 version.

    Background noise and noise floor of the new Yamaha will be dramtic better than the Steinway D. We used a special set-up with the latest Digidesign Pro Tools|HD system and the 192 preamp. There is NO noise in the recordings. Period.

    I can only say you are absolutely right to rush out and buy Franky\'s Yamaha (just like I did) as I believe it sounds brilliant and the project is top-notch and very clever designed with all the different mic positions. There are never too many pianos for a professional specially with the prices we ask. Imagine the costs of being able to try out several different pianos for an acoustic recording session. Each instrument has it\'s own personality, charm, character, strenghts and weaknesses. This alone makes one library for all purposes an impossible option.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...


    Will the distant micing of the Yamaha be similar to the Bosendorfer 290, or will the mics be closer, not capturing as much \"room\"?



    PS - you sure are a busy man, with many projects on the go. Exciting times, and many are looking forward to your subsequent releases.

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    Re: new GRANDIOSO releases...

    Michiel, I own and love bothe the Bosie and the Steinway. Will these eventually be rerecorded to reflect the sound quality of the Yamaha?

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