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Topic: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

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    SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    \"We are now shipping version 1.4 of our SAM Horns library. This disc contains all online updates and the extra Looped Sustain samples.\"

    I am not sure what version I have... will check when I get there.

    How do I obtain this update version? Nothing has been shipped to me.


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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    It has all the online updates so far.
    This means program ART update from our site up to this point, plus the free downloadable Looped Sustains.

    The 1.4 disc is not a free upgrade for existing users. All updates can be downloaded from our site. The 1.4 disc is a new CD press for new SAM Horns users.



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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    Ahhhh [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    BTW, the new demo/with VO is awesome!!!

    Yet, another order coming yer way [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    Oh you edited your question while I was responding.

    Oh well... nothing left to respond to now...


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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    Yeah, it\'s amazing what I can learn if I just READ first [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] LOL

    Everything I needed to know was on your site.


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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    Maarten, first off let me add my voice to the choir and praise the outstanding job you have done with Sam Horns.
    Just received them yesterday and it is a true delight to write with your library.
    The only little criticism i have is the fact that the looped sustain patch seems to have a different \"color\" than the original non looped sustained patch. The looped sustain seems to be brighter, not as warm in the mid range.
    Maybe it is just a first impression.
    Aside from that, Sam Horns is close to heaven.
    The fact that it is affordable will probably create a very faithful following for the next products to come.

    Bravo [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    SAM Horns looped sustains? Not the trombones?

    That\'s weird. The looped sustains are, of course, the exact same sustain samples as the nonlooped versions, only with crossfaded loop points. Same programs, same filter settings.

    Anyone else notice this?


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    Re: SAM Horns 1.4 ?

    it would make sense that MW sustain, REl sustain, MW looped sustain and REL looped sustain all come from the same samples.
    I will do a test tonight and will let you know.
    I noticed the sonic differences after switching notes from the MW sustain patch to the MW looped sustain patch.
    A minor glitch considering the quality of Sam Horns (or it could just be me)

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