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Topic: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

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    Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    I\'d love to get my hands around Hans Zimmer - or rather, his guitar library. Actually, I\'m only really interested in the Coral electric sitar on volume two. Does anyone have this on either audio or CD Rom?

    The CD Rom is about three times the price of the audio, so ideally I\'d buy the audio, but I\'m worried that the sitar on it may not be as complete (velocity samples, slides, etc). If necessary, I\'d get the CD Rom, but 150 pounds is a helluva lot of money for one instrument - even one as beautiful as the electric sitar.

    Cheers to all.

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    Despite wanting this lib for the one instrument, I really dont think you can go wrong with anything with the Spectrasonics name on it.

    I\'m sure you would put the rest of the lib to good use too.

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    I have it but that doesn\'t mean I know that the audio cd has less sample data than the cd-rom. The electric sitar, however, sounds great. I bought it and I needed only one instrument too, namely, the Collings (Fingerstyle Acoustic). I never regretted it once. IMHO, the definite highlights are: Jazz Hollowbody, Electric Sitar, Collings, Flamenco Nylon, Cuatro Puertorriqueno.
    Remember, if you choose audio then loop and edit you shall. Scared? Mmmm, you will be, YOU WILL BE!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    Alex, if you\'re still monitoring, does the CD Rom sitar have slides and harmonics etc? How many velocity layers - can you remember?

    And yup, I know about the trials of manually looping samples. I see wave forms every time I close my eyes! It shouldn\'t be a problem with the sitar though should it? No loops, just single notes.


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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    This is from the booklet.

    In a typical 4-way velocity switching sound, the softest velocity is a straight note with no vibrato. The next louder dynamic is a note with vibrato. The third loudest dynamic would be either a note with a slide, or an exaggerated attack with extreme vibrato. The loudest dynamic would be a note with some kind of accent such as: a down slide, a grace note, or a double - pick.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Harmonics are also provided as well as drones (C2-C3, two velocities). In case of the sitar the third dynamic is a slide. The fourth is a grace note.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Hans Zimmer Guitars with Electric Sitar

    Brilliant. Thanks Alex.

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