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Topic: DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

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    Re: DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

    To me, the KH Brass Staccato Trumpets are REAL sweet. I don\'t have a demo right now to make an example of it, but it\'s nice and MASSIVE sounding. For really REALISTIC fast fast fanfare lines, I\'m not sure what is out there that would best suit it. We\'re not talking some John Williams Olympic fanfare stuff, are we? When the day comes sampled trumpets can pull that off convincingly... *shiver*

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    Re: DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

    What about the trumpets sounding sweet and mellow? Can KH Brass pull it off?

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    Re: DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

    I like Dan Dean\'s trumpet ensembles. They work really well for alot of music. The mellow stuff is pretty killer IMO, and the staccs are overall really nice at fff.

    The whole library reminds me alot of \"The Matrix\" sound, except there aren\'t any Bass Bones and Tuba and low growly stuff.

    I dont have KH so I cant really comment on how it compares.

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    DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

    Just wondering what people\'s opinions are on these two fine libraries. My personal needs: kick-*** trumpets that can do mellow/soothing and rapid fanfares by piecing together marcato & staccato samples. Don\'t mind too much about horns and trombones since I already have SAM Horns and am getting SAM Trombones in a couple weeks. Trumpets are my main concern.. I need great sound and flexibility.


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    Re: DDBE vs. Kirk Hunter Brass?

    I love DDBE too...

    It has a very unique sound and huge dynamic range. Using DDBE for first pair of horns and SAM for second gives an awesome sound...
    Hopefully with bass bone on SAM bones my perfect brass setup will be complete.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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