I post this here simply because some of the sounds in this synth blow away certain things in any available library.

I was an original Motif owner. I had a love/hate thing with the synth. So much potential yet crippled by limited polyphony and software implimentations.

So Yamaha releases the ES (expanded synth) version of the motif.
Its what the motif should have always been.

The Piano is a killer Yamaha. By far the best piano offered in a workstation type synth. Yeah it still sucks due to sample stretching and super short loop points but man you can get a vibe off of it.

The flute is incredible. I have not heard better for a contemporary application. Killer.

Best miles like muted trumpet ever in a synth. Its sort of got that low end boost from playing too close to the mike. Lots of vibe. (no vibrato though)

Strings, brass, winds, pianos, rhodes, organs, and most synth things it by far beats the fantom S ( which I have sitting right next to it).

This thing makes the most of being able to use 4 stereo layers to make up a patch. The raw samples themselves are far more detailed than either korg or rolands latest offering.

I really couldn\'t ask more from a working/gigging synth.

The sequencer still sucks. The sampler is convoluted, and the overall architecture is less than intuitive.

But as a sound source I finally have to give the props to yamaha. this box certainly makes up for the original motifs shortcomings.

The fact that this synth can use 4 seperate stereo sample layers to make up one patch is something sorely lacking from Kontakt and ExsII.
This makes all the difference in creating 3D sounds. Mach 5 is capable of this and as such is starting to see more use in my rig.

Rolands V Synth and the Motif ES really complete my now mostly soft system.

If you are in the market for a new keyboard the ES is worth a hard listen.

My fantom S will soon make an appearence on Ebay.

(please keep in mind that I mostly hate everything. This box really made an impression on me).

Now back to adoring Isabella and/or fighting about VSL vs QLSO. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]