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Topic: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

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    Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Hello guys! It's been a while since my last post, but I am ready to share some more video game compositions and arrangements. This one is from another one of my favorite games of all time, "Ultima VII." This is an arrangement of the love theme. I best associate this composition with Frigidazzi, a mage that specializes in cold based magic. She is the love of the magistrate but then after meeting the Avatar she falls in love with him. It's quite a scenario!

    All instruments in the arrangement are from Garritan Instant Orchestra except the bass which is Rapture LE.

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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    There you are - I've been wondering where you've been, Richard. Very good to see you again!

    It's been awhile since I've heard any of your gaming pieces, but it seems to me this one could be the most subtle and organic sounding one yet. Lovely! It's a very short and sweet, predictable piece of music that I don't find especially interesting, but your rendition of it is very successful.

    Good work, Richard - Thanks for coming back and sharing some music.


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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Funny thing, I was fiddling around with the original midi file from the game for this song just yesterday...

    It seems like you stuck pretty close to the original, which always was a bit sparse in its instrumentation. The harp goes well with the main line (which for better or worse in my mind, will forever be associated with GM instrument #88). Some more layers to the strings would be nice, nothing to stand out, keeping it pretty subtle.

    Good ol' U7.
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Very interesting sound, that matches perfectly with the bass. I love the harp here.


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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Thanks for the welcome back and it's pleasure to be back. Thanks for the feedback Randy. Been really busy working on LOE and a couple other projects. I am working on two different version to LOE (Might and Magic and Ultima Inspired). The MM version is the first person perspective while UV is similar to a cross between Ultima VI and Ultima Online, but portrays similar to Ultima VII. I am currently in the process of composing some tracks for the UV version which will be short ques to present more of a mood rather than a complete composition. Most of the U7 compositions follow that same structure. Two separate the two projects I gave them sub titles: MM version is, "Legend of Erthia - Armageddon," and the UV version is, "Legend of Erthia - The Etheral Gate." I most recently purchased some art to begin creating the UV version, so I am quite excited!

    *Is the festival still going where we can post as much music?*

    LOL! That is very interesting that we had the same composition in mind! Ultima VII is my favorite RPG of all time. I truly enjoyed U7 - Serpent Isle.

    Thanks Max! Garry has the best harp in all of the harps I have listened to. To me, it has that warm magical sound! Thanks for the feedback.

    Here are some screenshots from both projects:

    LOE (UV) - The Etheral Gate:


    LOE (MM) - Armageddon:


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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Hi Richard,

    Nice harp work. Your snipets always have a very nice ambiance to them; effective mixing.



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    Re: Ultima VII - Love Theme (Harp)

    Thanks Frank! I usually don't like using much harps when mixing stuff together. In most cases I choose the piano when I am doing this kind of stuff, but Garry really did such a great job on that harp in IO. To my ears, the harp is warm and just overall good quality, I am very thank ful for purchasing GIO. It is still the library I use most often. I am thinking of getting world instruments too. I am looking to compose some music similar to Heroes of Might and Magic IV and I think Garritan World Instruments are up to the task.

    Here is a video of the music from HOMM IV which contains world instruments:

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