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Topic: Salvation

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    This is a composition I created a little while ago. It's a little different than what I usually compose. The idea in this composition was to express about the corruption in this world and how it is up to each and everyone of us to change things.

    Instrument Libraries Include:
    Garritan Instant Orchestra: Percussion effects (I think it was Earth Drums 3)
    Dimension Pro
    Sonar RXP
    Vienna Symphonic Choir (Female)

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    Re: Salvation

    Hi, Surrick,

    It would be a normal thing to say that you like or dislike a composition, but in this case, the pictures put the music in a totally different context. The music underlines the content of the photos and therefore is dramatic en effective. The word nice or lovely would be sarcastic here.

    Well done!


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    Re: Salvation

    You're really back in full force, Richard - Another gaming piece up again already!

    It's a big, grand sound you have for this somber piece. Sounds really nice. Are you using Dim Pro for the strings? - separate instances? Is Sonar RXP doing the drum loop?

    This fades out instead of ending, is that because it would be on a loop when used in a game?

    Depressing and heavy, but surely well done.


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    Re: Salvation

    Hi Richard,

    Although I spend little time watching anything "post-apocolyptic", I think you did a great job of evoking quite a few different emotions underscoring the slides. I think the way you kept the registers steadily rising in pitch was very effective.

    Thanks for the posting!


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    Re: Salvation

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Greatly appreciated!

    I did a lot of layering for the strings. I went back to the project file (It has been a while since I composed this). I actually used dimension pro and ewqlso silver for strings. There were no single sections like violins, cellos, etc. RXP did the drum loop and Garritan was making the bang (Earth Drums 3) still my favorite patch for big percussion. :P

    This wasn't meant to be a gaming piece, more or less a composition for a quick expression. As for the fade out... for some reason I just love that kind of an ending because it leaves a cliff-hanging like feel. I tend to do it in a lot of my personal compositions.

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    Re: Salvation

    I am just thinking about some of the words you have used such as “dramatic war” and “We can get the salvation we deserve” after the use of “We can change.” I think it’s the words “dramatic” and “deserve” that are confusing me. Help me out, my friend, and share your thoughts.

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    Re: Salvation

    Twice looked at it, listened to that epic sound and missed one thing at the end...... "Yes, we can!"
    No pun intended, just having fun with it.


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    Re: Salvation

    Thanks Raymond and Composing Knight!

    "Yes we can!" Lol, gotta keep the positivity and hope flowing!

    @Composing Knight
    Ignore the dramatic war part! That is the name of my site and main albums. Most of the personal music I compose is sorrowful, tragic, dramatic. I usually take the atmospheric and melancholic approach with my music. I cannot read music, I compose to what I feel and what pleases my ears.



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    Re: Salvation

    Our ears and good taste are the main ingredients for all kinds of music. (Poor Beethoven) What a pity that some of us continuously ruin their ears. (A hearing aid is always a poor substitute, so try to avoid it.)


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    Re: Salvation

    What a "cheery" combination of music and graphics!!
    I thought that the music underscored the great graphic pics very well. Even if it was kind of bleak, I enjoyed your post. Thanks for that.

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