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Topic: Do You have a Giga gen midi setup ?

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    Do You have a Giga gen midi setup ?

    I have the 500 meg gen midi cd but none of the sounds are as good as you can get by picking and choosing your favorate samples and creating your own and saving as a performance.
    Im used to a dedicated hardware recording system so setting up a sequencer that triggers sounds from gigastudio setup as a gen midi tone module is new for me .
    Just wanted to get some input from people doing this .
    Im guessing in setting up a gen midi performance you have to put the drums on midi channel 10 and you have to asign each drum to each key as its asigned within the gen midi standard , so when you play the metronone on your sequencer it triggeres a drum stick playing the metronone click ,not a cymbal .
    Any info on this issue is appeciated

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    Re: Do You have a Giga gen midi setup ?

    I have made a custom GM setup by simply copying the original, then one by one replacing the files 001.gig with my favorite Bardstown Bose, etc.

    The problem is, the files are huge in comparison, so be careful how you configure it up.


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    Re: Do You have a Giga gen midi setup ?

    Thanks for your responce.
    So you mean you load the 500 meg gen midi cd to your hard drive ,then into giga studio,then save as a performance ,then replace out one instrument at a time with you favorate [say piano. drums etc] then save as a performance?

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