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Topic: Song for Orchestra

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    Song for Orchestra

    Hi all, and here I come again with a new piece.


    This song is for a complete symphonic orchestra.

    Let me know if you hate it or love it. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Btw. please forgive me for \"spamming\". [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    The Orchestra

    Gos Lite
    SAM Timpani
    Gtown Cymbals

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Don\'t want to see this thread die out with out some comment. This is a very nice classical sounding piece. The orchestration seems good although I don\'t think it sounds like a real orchestra some, of which might just be the mp3 compression. When it gets big it doesn\'t quite sound full.
    But you did a good job on it.
    How long did it take?

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Hi Jamie, thanks for keeping this thread alive. Maybe it need some additional work to get to the ultimate realism. I\'m still rather new at trying to get realism in midi so any advice is appreciated. It\'s only a year or so since I first found about that there were higher quality sounds out there than my old soundfonts.

    It took me several hours to transform this piece from \"dead\" midi to what you heared.

    Did you like the reverb?

    Again thanks for the comments!

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Don\'t love it OR hate it. I think the tune is nice -- kind of reminds me of another time -- I imagine it as the soundtrack for a Kevin Costner epic.

    But I don\'t think there\'s enough going on, here. The instruments all seem to be playing the same melody line or a simple harmony. I only listened once, but I don\'t recall any counter melodies, etc. -- and feel there needs to be more separation between instruments in the arrangement.

    Then again, it could be me...

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    I take back some of that. A second listen and I realize it isn\'t as simple as I originally thought, but I still think there needs to be more separation in the recording.

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Hi robgb, thanks for your comment!

    Do you mean that I should pan more? Or I should have different amount of reverb by sections?

    Regarding countermelody or not - There are of course the rythmic motive but also the horn come with it \"melody\" or motive. I wasn\'t aiming for complex texture, rather simple one and let the main melody come out brilliant. I feelt that the melody asked for more simple approach, but not so simple that it would be dull - hope that it doesn\'t come out that way.

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    The simplicity is fine. I was a little put off by the lack of separation. Perhaps too MUCH reverb, not enough panning of instruments. It all seemed to be a wash of distant gray...

    You might try tweaking the Eq and reverb on each instrument to give them their own space in the mix.

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Hi falcon,
    I have to agree with the others about the mix . It seems to be missing room affect or ambience. I wish I was more experienced to tell you what fader to tweak and/ or Reverb to use . Not much help am I.
    I do like the piece though. It kinda fits an early era. Baroque is the era that comes to mind . It is really refreshing to hear, rather than just the Hollywood-hype-up of big cymbals, booming chords and descriptive passages of some playing scene .
    What you have there is truly a \" WORK \" of music . We don\'t see that much around here on the forum cuz\' almost every one is trying to land a hollywood job. Mostly just to pay for their expensive music toys . So we end up hearing the same old stuff , \"This is my Heroic piece\"..... or \"This is my action piece. Well what about , \"This is the first movement to my Bassoon concerto.\" ? It would be refreshing to me, to just hear what people like to write . Ok ! I know. I\'m being salty. I\'ll stop now.
    What I am really trying to say is, thank you for a good sounding piece. It puts out your creative expression really well. I would like to hear it in it\'s entire form. ( If there is more, hint...hint ...wink.)

    Now for the rest of you, keep posting your music no matter what it is. Movie score , your high school marching band piece you wrote or just some little ditty for a few instruments and mirliton. My ears are open to all .I just like a little variety once in a while.
    ( I\'m getting cranky. It must be my nap time. LOL.)

    Thanks again Falcon. I like your writing style.

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Robgb, yes maybe its too much reverb - I\'ll try to put more space in the mix next time.

    88fingers, thank you for your very kind words. Maybe master Bruce could chime in and give me some advice?
    You\'re right about the style, it fits an early Baroque (with some personal touch [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ) - except I use of course bigger orchestra setup than they did.
    I\'m working on a trumpet concerto which will probably be ready after Christmas - of course I\'ll post it here, at least excerpts. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] It\'s for my brother which plays on trumpet and is taking his final grade here in Iceland next year or 2005, he will probably play it with the Symphonic Orchestra of Iceland as part of his program. That will be cool! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'ll keep posting pieces here while I\'m allowed to do so. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] There are some Christmas arrangements around the corner - will post it in December. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    Thanks guys for your kind words and advice, I really appreciate it!

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    Re: Song for Orchestra

    Hi friends, I have fixed the mix. You can hear the result here: www.falcon-creations.com/mp3/songfororchestra_mixdown2b.mp3

    I think I have manage to add some more space using some tips from you all. I\'m little worry that I might have panned the 1st violin and 2nd violin too much left?

    Let me know if this is disaster or improvement.

    Btw. I fixed the viola which where playing out of tune! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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