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Topic: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

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    Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Okay, as you know I\'ve been making the switch to OSX. I\'m mostly pleased but there\'s a few hang ups I\'m running into. The biggest one is OS X seems REALLY slow. Alot of the things I tell it to do take way longer, like accessing files. Does anyone know why?

    The bigger more frustrating thing is certain plugins take FOREVER to load. ALL of my spectrasonics plugs take a LONG time. Anyone know why? A file with plugs that would open in 60-90 seconds on OSX is taking 5-10 minutes. And the more spectrasonics plugs, the longer. They seem to be taking about 2 minutes each!

    Also I\'m not getting as good of disk reading. Does anyone know what preference I might change on this? Under OS9 I was getting roughly 40-50 stereo tracks with no problem. Under OSX I\'m bogging down around 20. And it\'s worse the more freeze tracks I have. So it may just be a freeze track problem?

    Those are my big problems, just curious if any one else has had them? Thanks!


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Hey J,
    Welcome to OSX. As near as I can tell everyone has been having this problem. 20-30 percent lower performance. It\'s a tradeoff to having a much more stable system and not having to deal with memory or dirty rotten filthy extensions. As far as the freeze goes, I\'m having those same issues. Not the magic cure-all I had hoped for. At this point I use it strictly them for power hungry instruments. Rarely EXS, unless it\'s a busy track with a huge instrument loaded. You know that the freeze files are 32 bit right. Much bigger than bouncing/adding. Convenience I suppose. In Platinum you can lower the freeze quality, that should help the streaming issue a bit. S.O.O.L. in Audio and Gold tho.
    Those loading times do seem a bit long however. What proc are you on? I\'m on an 800 and spectrasonics doesn\'t take THAT long. Maybe a minute. G5 baby! (At least at night when I dream of actually having money) The promise is that Panther will be much more efficient.


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    J -

    What are the specs on your os x box?


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Hi J,

    In regards to the spectrasonics products, try checking out the FAQ at their website. I seem to recall that in OSX, the dat file needed to be on a disk partition that was formatted a certain way (HFS+ ???). If not, you would get unusually long load times.

    I am running Atmosphere and Trilogy off of a LaCie 120GB FW drive on my 15\" G4 Powerbook and it takes anywhere between 10-15 secs to instantiate either Atmosphere or Trilogy.


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    If you haven\'t done it you should get the Logic 6.2.1 update
    and be running at least 10.2.4 if not 10.2.6.
    OS X needs as fast a machine as you can throw at it.
    I\'ve been swtched over to X since May and I won\'t go back. even though some things are slower.
    My dual 800MHz G4 with 1.25 gig ram is not bad. My home sketch pad iMac 400 is very slow on larger sessions but I just need a faster machine there.
    I believe Panther will solve a lot of this even on older machines.
    Logic 6.3 is just around the corner and it seems to have them very excited over on the VSL forum.
    http://vsl.co.at/ Then look at the ESX forum topic Logic 6.3
    Welome to OS X!

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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    dunno what sequencer you are running, but there is an acknowledged bug in the AudioUnit versions of the Spec plugs that make instantiating and hence loading up song files take longer than they should. I assume this will be fixed in the 1.01 update, whenever that is released.

    Two, OS X needs to have lots of RAM... max out your machine or as much as you can afford. Also, if you don\'t have a modern graphics card that supports Quartz Xtreme, than the UI can seem sluggish definitely...

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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Hey All, thanks for your feedback. I think I\'m probably doing about as well as I can with my machine. I\'m still on my G4 400. I\'ve been on 9 but I\'m going to get a G5 soon and I wanted to experiement with OSX before the switch. That way I\'m not jumping into a new OS AND a new hardware at the same time.

    My machine is a G4 400 with 1.25 Gig RAM. I\'m running all my drives as HFS+ so that shouldn\'t be a problem. OSX.2.6 Logic 6.2.1 Don\'t know what else I could do really. I think it\'s just the slower machine as much as anything. Hopefully in a couple weeks some people will finally pay me and I can get my G5! All work and no pay - makes G5 lust grow very BIG.


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Yep....OSX in general is really slow and demanding in a lot of ways. I wouldn\'t recommend a 400mhz machine at all.

    Stylus scanning takes the longest, because there are so many samples (38,000). This will improve with things we are working on for the future, but for the moment....that\'s how it is with OSX performance....it\'s not a bug. Once the plug-in is instantiated, loading time is the same as OS9 or Windows....its just long scanning times, and if you are using a lot of modules, this can really add up timewise.

    All the best,


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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but...

    It\'s a tradeoff to having a much more stable system
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hype or fact? Seriously!

    Because it\'s pretty darn stable on OS 9.2.2, and I run a seriously diverse house of cards: Rewire, TDM, ESB, EXS24....the whole shebang streaming into Pro Tools, with MMC and MTC going back and forth between the two programs under OMS IAC...and FW video...

    QUOTE] and not having to deal with memory or dirty rotten filthy extensions [/QUOTE]

    My understanding is that it has them too. I\'m not trying to sell OS 9 over X, and there certainly will eventually be advantages to the new OS. But I haven\'t had an extension conflict for years. The last one was a Global Village modem extension that rubbed against Performer, and this was at least four years ago. Point being, the days of tweaking extension sets are long gone. Developers tell you to use the basic set and add their extensions.

    Two, OS X needs to have lots of RAM... max out your machine or as much as you can afford
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">This sounds authoritative! Is it? How much do you need?

    My machine is maxed out with 1.5GB, but it gets maxed out with the exact same list of instruments loaded into EXS under OS X and 9.2.2. And I mean exact. But I haven\'t tested OS X for voice count, and people have reported lower performance in that area.

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    Re: Spectrasonics, OSX, Logic and more...

    I dunno Nick. my 9.2.2 crashes 2/3 times a day and I\'m not using it that much! MDD 1.25, 2gb ram. DP 3.1, Kontakt 1.21, Reason 2.5, Stylus, Atmos. Tilogy etc. No changes to the extension sets. No internet (actually no nothing except music)

    I\'m dabbling in OSX and I love it. I can\'t wait to leave 9 in the dust.

    just another $.02

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