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Topic: MusicLab's RealGuitar v3

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    MusicLab's RealGuitar v3

    Hi!! I usually spend my time complaining about plugins. I thought it was about time I boasted about something good. I created a little testimonial review. I hope it's helpful in your quest to find the right virtual guitar!

    I had an accident and could no longer play guitar. :-(. I missed having guitar on my tracks, especially acoustic accompaniment and riffs. I tried using my synths, but they sounded like synths! I needed something real — something human! Waiting for friends to come over and play parts for me became inconvenient and embarrassing. I needed to find a way to lay down tracks on my own. I needed a virtual guitarist! I went on a mission, buying and trying nearly every guitar library ever made. A couple of them weren't bad, but most of them left me cold or frustrated. I was tired of filling my hard drive with thousands and thousands of samples that were packaged in a non-user friendly interface. The last thing I wanted to do was spend more years learning complicated key-switches. By the time I got a track down, the inspiration was lost. I was discouraged and frustrated until I tried MusicLab's RealGuitar. It's fantastic!!

    The interface is neat, clean, and fun! I'm a visual person, and I love seeing the notes on the virtual neck. The way the keyboard is laid out is intelligent, giving total control over the type of strum, fret noise, slide, tremolo, and all the other little squeaks and articulations. The strum engine is a snap to work with and as powerful as you need it to be. I think they call it the "Struminator." The built-in rhythmic patterns usually give me exactly what I need, and if not . . . I can simply make adjustments or create my own patterns. All in all, RealGuitar is easy to use, sounds realistic, and sits perfectly in the mix. This is the first sample-based virtual guitar plug-in I've found that truly emulates the real thing. I've got pretty good ears and most of the time I cannot tell if it's real or RealGuitar. I feel like I'm playing again! Thank you, MusicLab, for creating such a great product. :-). I'm saving up to buy RealStrat and/or RealLPC!

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    Re: MusicLab's RealGuitar v3

    I have all three and I agree this is some good stuff. I also added the midi guitar controller which can make strumming even more real. If you run these through an amp sim you can get quite convincing results.

    Kind regards,

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    Re: MusicLab's RealGuitar v3

    Quote Originally Posted by rtucker55 View Post
    I have all three and I agree this is some good stuff. I also added the midi guitar controller which can make strumming even more real. If you run these through an amp sim you can get quite convincing results.
    Kind regards,
    What do you think about RealStrat? RealLPC. I wrote a follow up review for RealStrat:

    Soon after getting RealGuitar, I had to get RealStrat. The moment I installed and launched it, I smiled and thought to myself, "MusicLab has done it again!" Just like the acoustic guitar plugin, this electric version has five excellent performance modes. I turned up the volume on solo mode and played a cool little lick for my guitarist, who had his back turned at the time. He quickly spun around and was in shock for two reasons: 1. I'm a terrible guitarist, and what I played sounded great. 2. I was using a plugin. I had to prove to him I wasn't playing a loop sample.

    One of the other things I like about RealStrat is the size of the package. I get amazing quality without filling my hard drive with a zillion levels of questionable samples. I no longer have to spend weeks learning key-switches. RealStrat is fun right out of the box. Just launch and let your creative juices flow. When you don't have much money, you need to make sure every penny is spent wisely. RealStrat is a great value . . . lots of bang for the buck. I've paid more hiring the wrong "guitarists" :-). All in all, RealStrat is a fantastic virtual Fender Stratocaster emulation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write, produce, and record sensational electric guitar parts, whether it be rhythms, leads, or FX. Thank you MusicLab! I think I will start saving for RealLPC. :-).

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    Re: MusicLab's RealGuitar v3

    Hi Tommy,

    I really like and use RealStrat and RealLPC. One of the cool things I really enjoy is being able to change/automate the pick position which emulates the way a guitarist would play. I really enjoy using the RealLPC on smooth jazz/fusion type material, with the pick position closest to the neck, as it just fits so well.

    I also use the OrangeTree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry library with Kontakt and it is a hard choice to decide which to use as they both have their strong points.

    Nothing beats a Great guitarist but you can get so close using these new guitar simulators/libraries that I always use them for composition and scratch tracks.

    You may want to compare the RealLPC to the OrangeTree Samples library before purchasing.

    Kind regards,

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