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Topic: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

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    GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    Hello all,

    I am making a kazoo gigasample which I\'ve sampled chromatically. My question is this: Gigastudio assumes that I want it to alter the pitches accordingly, so when I add a new WAV file, the pitch is altered from it\'s original one using it\'s own tuning - I assume this is based from middle C or some beginning pitch. I\'ve looked everywhere for the option to remove this, but I can\'t find it. How can I make it so GigaEdit won\'t question the pitches, so I can put my kazoo WAVs anywhere I want without worrying about Gigastudio bending the pitches as though I only had one sample?


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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    Personally I would just name the .wav files like \"C2.wav, G#3.wav\" etc, and tell GS to guess where the unity note is based on file name. Check the preferences section. It also pays to have each folder named something like \"velocity 1\", \"velocity 2\", etc, then when you use the wizard you can make your complete instrument effortlessly. This may not have helped you but it\'s what I do. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    You can change this in the GSEdit settings. You can have GSEdit automatically search for pitch in the filename (for instance \"violin_ff_C#3.wav\") and let is assign the C#3 tag to the imported wave file so it can be automatically mapped with the Wizard.
    The second automated option is to let GSEdit search for the pitch inside the wave file. It won\'t do a pitch detection, but it will search for a pitch tag written inside the file, like software as Wavelab can do.

    Finally, you can also turn these automatic pitch functions of, and if you do all files will be assigned C3 I think.


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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples


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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    Thanks for the advice, guys. Maarten, how do you turn off all pitch functions? I think that is what I\'d perfer.

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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    Well you know it will always assign SOMEthing... you can\'t import a sample without a unity note assigned. So with all pitch lookup functions turned of it will assign middle C\'s.

    Just uncheck it in that settings dialog.

    And no matter what... pitch lookup on or off you will have to go over all samples to set the unity notes yourself. Doubleclick them in the wave pool, for instance.


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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    If you drag and drop the samples one at a time into their regions, a right click + drag will keep the \"pitch tracking\" from being turned on for that sample.

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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    There\'s also a \'pitch track\' checkbox in case properties for each region/subregion that you can uncheck after you\'ve assigned your region to the keyboard. Once you uncheck this you can set whatever pitch you want to the region/sample using the tuning functions.

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    Re: GSEdit: Question regarding making samples

    Of course turning off pitchtrack normally is done for percussive sounds, as they normally don\'t have a base note and stretched (pitched) to the left and right of them.

    Hey if you sampled your kazoo chromatically, why not put those notes in the filenames?


    That will make GSEdit able to map them for you automatically. Even velocities if you put those in seperate sample pool folders inside GSEdit.

    Why do it yourself if you can have it done automatically? [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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