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Topic: Any good Anvil libraries

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    Any good Anvil libraries

    I am working on a project now where I am writing for anvil as part of the percussion.

    Are there any good tuned anvil sounds for giga? If not, I\'m thinking of just creating my own. (Though I\'d have to use brake rotors to do it vs. real anvils.)

    Thanks all

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    Re: Any good Anvil libraries

    There\'s two versions I do believe, both with natural ambience.

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    Re: Any good Anvil libraries

    Tobias has some good anvils with LOTS of ambience. And, they\'re free. If there is too much hall sound in these, LOP has lots of anvil hits and anvil effects. Still ambient but not as extreme. None of the above are \"tuned\" to specific pitches (if that is what you meant by tuned). Of course this is something you could edit yourself (with varying realistic results).


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    Re: Any good Anvil libraries

    Michiel Post also has a CD called \"The Anvil Collection\" including over 25 different anvils, bells and various metal objects.

    Demos here:


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    Re: Any good Anvil libraries

    Can\'t go wrong with TOB percussion. D/l all of them.

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