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Topic: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

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    Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    Could someone who owns DDSW please post an mp3 with just the oboe by itself, playing a wide range of pitches, along with the oboe\'s list of patches? The default GS NFX1 reverb settings are OK, or dry..either way.

    By the way, am I correct in assuming DDSW is the best collection of woodwinds currently available, besides VSL?

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..


    Can you provide me an email or a web site where I can send you some examples I just recorded for you ?

    Have done Vibrato, Non Vibrato, Portamento and Staccato. Plus got a liist of artciulations and instruments for you.

    Andy Thacker

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    Thanks, Andy...very nice of you! Check your private messages.

    King: What do you mean by \"round\" exactly? That\'s a term I\'m not familiar with [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    And PS, I know I posted this request soon after my other thread on a sample developer who would not give me a demo .gig. But it\'s NOT Dan Dean. I have not asked Dan for any demo samples. Just to make things clear so people don\'t start jumping to conclusions.

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    VSL\'s oboe is a Vienese oboe. It doesn\'t \"quack\" as much as I\'d like. It seems more \"warm\" than what I\'m used to (the typical...oh you need an egyption theme,...here\'s lets use an oboe\" sound. Which I\'m told is a French Oboe, and is one that VSL is sampling as well.

    It plays amazingly tho, and sounds \"real\" with the performance stuff. When you dont use it in a solo context, but in an arrangement it works well. Its just that I want that Quacky Eng Horn and Oboe. Not TOO quacky, mind you [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .

    The same thing can be said about DD, it works well in arrangements, just so long as you use some CC 11 control, otherwise it can sound like an organ with the non vib. Slight pitch shifts and other stuff can help too.

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    Professional oboe and English horn musicians spend years in order to develop a tone that does NOT have that \"ducky\" sound! That so called \"ducky\" sound is the sound of an amateur!

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    I know. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    but there\'s a fine line between \"quack\" and \"donald Duck\" IMO

    There\'s a timbre change that I like in that family of instruments, but its not so much that I want it to \"quack\" or \"wah\" but I want that sharper timbre. Something you here in alot of recordings. (of profesional players).

    I mean I cant get the sound that you here in the batman soundtrack form DD\'s horn.

    AO, which is overly quaky IMO, is closer to that sound. Like I said, there\'s a fine line.

    I\'m in no way suggesting that either have bad players, I know for a fact that they are great players, its just a personal preference in sound, slightly a bit more nasal (\"american\" someone has recently mentioned). I think some other people would agree that DD\'s horn is \"dark\" sounding, especially in the higher dynamics. I never said it was bad. In fact I find uses for it, like all the samples I have.

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    Just a Side note,

    Dan Dean is updating his solo libs. He\'s adding real-time Xfade control to solo instruments ( a difficult thing to do) as well as a couple of other things. Plus he\'s hinted at recording other versions of some of the woods.... oboe being one of them

    I dont like the current oboe in VSL, its too round sounding, should change when the record the alternate version of the oboe tho,

    As well I dont like the current oboe in DD\'s, its too dark sounding. This should change when he records the alternate version of the oboe tho.

    maybe QLSO will be just right...

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    Re: Dan Dean oboe mp3 wanted..

    If Dan is updating the winds, I\'d recommend trill samples as well.

    I agree about the dark sound of the oboe in DDSW. I\'d go so far as to say that all of those instrument samples are on the dark side. Very effective for soft passages but doesn\'t quite acheive that \"woody\" timbre in loud sections. The Flute and Bassoon are the best.

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