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Topic: A little light jazz...

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    Cool A little light jazz...

    Far from being so conceited that I could add anything to the splendid jazz gems we've had so far, I would like to present two little pieces in a somewhat jazzy style. Again, they have been taken from The Wise Tomcat. This is the limit of my jazz skill, but I enjoyed composing them.

    Song Baker, Butcher, cobbler (a song with 3 craftsmen)

    Catwalk (an instrumental intermezzo with a the cat walking in a funny way across the stage)

    Both the pieces were made with Finale and external MIDI module JV-1010 (1996).

    Enjoy the old fashioned way of working,


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    Re: A little light jazz...

    Max, I'm so glad you've posted more of this delightful music from "The Wise Tomcat." More and more I can see what a fun show this was, and is. The JV-1010 module's sounds are so clean and nice to hear, and the recordings sound great. I'd say these are more pop than jazz, but they're certainly energetic and a joy to hear. Thanks, Max!


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    Re: A little light jazz...

    Hi Max,

    "What he (Randy) said!"

    These were such fun to listen to; I really enjoyed them. The 1st number (baker, butcher, cobbler ...) was my favorite. It seemed to have an Eastern European or Russian feel to it. Great harmonic progression, it would be fun to improvise to.

    Thanks for livening up a dreary NY afternoon!


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    Re: A little light jazz...

    Hi Max,

    I enjoyed the listen as well. Happy jazzy pieces. I think I liked the first one the most, it is a toe tapper. I had visions of "Fiddler On The Roof" at the start. I liked what you did with the percussion in"Catwalk".

    Nice work!

    Music... A Joy For Life.

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    Re: A little light jazz...

    Hey Max! I thought the pieces were happy and playful. I really did not hear much jazz in them but they were fun to listen to. Thanks for the share. Jay

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    Re: A little light jazz...

    Thank you all for your kind reactions. It's obvious that jazz is not my thing, but nevertheless it was real fun to work on the whole set of songs. (21 in total). For those interested in The Wise Tomcat, I can only refer to my website, to the very page of that project.

    A small correction though: These songs were not made with Finale (I'm not sure whether it existed at that time), but with the far predecessor of Notion, called MuscPrinter Plus. A revolutionary notation and playback program in the nineties, designed by J. Jarret. It stopped when Windows OS started (it was a DOS program). Many years later, it turned up again (2006) as Notion2.

    The Wise Tomcat

    The playlist consists of 21 songs and dances in very different styles (that was ordered that way by the Izegem city council). I don't expect anybody to listen to all 21 of them, but you never know...

    Enjoy the listen!


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