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Topic: giga to kontakt

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    giga to kontakt


    I just made the switch from giga to kontakt and need advice on converting my giga files. I assumed the way to go was with the chicken systems translator but, after going to their site, found that giga to kontakt was still in beta. Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    You can try CDXtract (www.cdxtract.com), but in working with EXS-24 to Kontakt translations in that I\'m not so sure their Kontakt translation is all that it should be.


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Can anyone comment on cdxtract?


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Hi Gary,

    I have used CDextract on many libraries to great success with just a few exceptions (Vota being one of them). I have been told that they are working on this as we speak.


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Gary i\'ve heard KingIdiot has had a lot of success translating certain giga libraries to kontakt, i don\'t know any specifics at all, but maybe you should try to contact him ( i have no idea how to contact him other than wait for him to come back or ask people who know him ).

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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction.


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Hi Gary, I\'m in your shoes and just got Kontakt last week. However, I have just imported the gig files directly into Kontakt with great result.

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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Falcon1, I\'ve heard that mod wheel samples don\'t convert well. I\'ve had success converting within Kontakt but I\'ve been avoiding doing the mod wheel samples. I have a ton of stuff that needs to be converted so I\'d like to find a way to batch convert.


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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Hey gary~falcon,Speaking of King idiot ,Ive posted his Vota in kontakt words of wisdom a couple times now,but here it is again:
    (i had to edit it a bit..):
    Its EXTREMELY easy to add the mod wheel option to the VotA conversions .

    After Import just turn off \"Edit all\" (or use the structure to select only one group).

    select the Piano Group (soft samples\" in the Group Editor:

    Right click on the volume knob in the AMP module, select \"external Controllers-->MIDI CC\"

    change the first value to 1, take the \"fader\" that goes from side to side and move it completely to the left.

    Select the Forte Group (expressive samples) in the group editor:

    Right click on the volume knob in the AMP module, select \"external Controllers-->MIDI CC\"

    change the first value to 1, leave the fader alone.

    Repeate this for the Release Trigger groups (or delete the release trigger groups for better poly.

    And there u go.U shouldnt need translator since Kontakt does .gig KS mapping automatically now.Also to make things fast on patchs that have alot of layers,assign the Midi control with \"edit all\" on first so u dont have to do that for each layer.King once said that he was gonna do a bunch of VOTA .nki`s.But i think he needs to just write now.Thers also some really good VOTA conversions in the KOMPAKT lib.I`m curious to see how they did them and we`ll soon know when 1.3 can take those monolith files and we can see the structure in Kontakt..Peace, Rich

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    Re: giga to kontakt

    Anytime.Kontakt is THE coolest sampler.>Rich

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