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Topic: Garritan Personal Orchestra

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    Garritan Personal Orchestra

    I didn\'t expect quite the response from a premature announcement. There has been some updated info since the Time+Space and Berklee spots. Please don\'t take these, or anything else so far, as an official announcement. We\'ll provide the details soon.

    For what it is, Personal Orchestra is an affordable Orchestral Sketchpad. My goal was simply to create an affordable orchestral library that I would enjoying using and that would be easy-to-use.

    It is not our intention to take away from the high-end libraries like Miroslav, EWQLSO or VSL. Those are great libraries and Garritan Personal Orchestra in no way competes with them. What we have done is something totally different. It is my hope that Personal Orchestra will bring people into the digital orchestration fold - hobbyists, novices, the curious, pop artists, students, starving artists, etc. People who were once excluded who don\'t have the budget for more expensive libraries will literally be players. As more musicians get a taste of MIDI orchestration, they will naturally gravitate towards GOS, EWQLSO, Vienna or other high-end libraries. Perhaps those libraries could be lpartnered for those wanting to take the next step. As more people come into the fold, everybody will benefit.

    Thanks for the positive words many of you have expressed in this thread. I hope to make an announcement within a week or so and provide more details then.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Thanks Gary,

    This is great news.

    For students of all levels (middle school through college), and for those of us saving for the big libraries and the computers to use them.

    I need a good quality orchestral sketchpad.

    What Gary may do with this, assuming the word gets out, is show that a lower price point geared towards a larger market segment may generate a whole lot more money than the big libraries to a limited market.

    I am also ready to buy VSL Lite and EWQLSO Lite until I can buy their full versions. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    All these libraries have their place. This library will not take away any sales from VSL or EWQLSO. Everyone\'s happy.

    I also applaud Peter\'s idea of courseware for the library that will go beyond the traditional text approach. Of course, the library will need to sound good to motivate those students.

    Sorry for the double post.


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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Even us \"High-end\" users/developers that have 14 dogglebytes of libraries would love to have access to something compiled from the orchestra group.

    The director says to me: \"We want it to sound great but don\'t use that MegaStudio sampler library thing - we only have 6 months\"


    We\'ll be lookin\' to pick it up, should come in handy.

    Michael Scott

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Sounds interesting... is a HALion version planned? Will it be \"small\" enough to run on a Laptop?

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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Chris, as Peter mentioned it will be able to run on a Laptop and if it really does - count my preorder in [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Even if we are using high-priced libraries that need multiple computer systems, it\'s always great to have a whole orchestra at hand in your notebook.

    Scoring at the beach, heh [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Garritan Personal Orchestra

    Chris, it comes bundled with Kompakt, so there\'s no real need for Hal, unless you don\'t want two different VSTi loaded simultaneously.

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