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Topic: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

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    Steve_t - You are Great!!!!


    I\'ve just checked these superb feats of kazooing from yourself, and what a veritable aural feast they are!


    They\'re the funniest thing I\'ve heard in, well ages. Futhermore, every single person that has heard them has had a smile on their lips within seconds, quite amazing really!

    This is probably going to sound stupid, but have you ever thought about releasing it (or something similar) as a single? I know it\'d probably be next to impossible to get clearance for all the well-known tracks but I am sure it would become a top-selling single quite easily...

    Thanks for bringing that ray of sunshine into my life and that of my friends, you are a hero amongst the music and kazoo loving fraternity.

    Many, many thanks,

    PS I\'d recommend wearing some water-proof trousers before listening to them for those who are new to the art of kazooing :-)

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    I just have one thing to say:
    This guy has WAY too much time on his hands!!

    OK I lied, I have more to say.
    Actually it was pretty hilarious though I especially like the Sabre Dance section where he tries to keep up with the tempo. The Muppets at the end was a nice touch too.
    What about harmony? I think it would be great to hear big fat kazzoo chords!
    By the way, is there a really good kazooist out there? Like a virtuoso kazooist doing all sorts of fast tonguing and other things idiomatic of the kazoo (whatever that may be)? I\'d definitely like to hear that!

    Anthony Lombardi

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    Look what I found!
    It\'s a good thing Richard Strauss isn\'t alive anymore.

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!


    Thanks for the oozak link!!! I especially liked the \"Zoodub\" track :-)

    I don\'t of any kazoo maestro, but a good few years back there was a soundtrack by Ennio Moricone (sp?) which featured a kazoo as the lead instruments. It wasn\'t in quite the same leagues as \"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly\" but it had its moments! Unfortunately I can\'t remember the track name.


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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD those were funny!!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) I didn\'t hear them until now. Man...those are potentially lethal MP3\'s

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    Hilarious!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    Thanks for the kind words. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    My neighbour was totally flabbergasted when he came home one day and heard my daily kazoo practice through the door. He started to practice on his own but without the supervision from a genuine master like yours truly it can sound pretty damn bad.
    Like the nice guy I am I started to tutor him. Today its 10 years later. And now he is also a virtuoso kazooist. This is a filmmusic tribute made by the two of us.
    http://www.tublenco.com/mp3/filmkazoo.mp3 [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Btw: thanks for the link.

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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    It keeps getting better - the Godfather and James Bond themes in particular stand out. Be careful though, \"The Good the Bad and teh Ugly\" them sounds almost TOO GOOD!

    I am humbled and can only defer to your superior kazooing powers.

    My only hope is that in 10 years time I\'ll be 10% as good as you.



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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    Hehe steve, this rocks!

    As for the actual kazooplaying I can hear you\'re having trouble with the high notes [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] You should try drilling a hole in the mouthpiece ...

    I noticed there were two kazoos in this filmkazoo track. Was that you and a friend?

    I have a kazoo somewhere around here as well, maybe we should team up [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Steve_t - You are Great!!!!

    BRILLIANT, JUST BRILLIANT!! You guys must have been pissing yourselves during this!!

    I haven\'t laughed so much since I last saw Seinfeld!


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