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Topic: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

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    YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    If anyone would care to leave some feedback I\'d appreciate it. I\'m going to send it in a day or two, so I\'ve actually got time to make some last minute adjustments that I might have missed, if anyone here would care to advise?

    Here\'s the music with video, it\'s only 4 megs or so:



    I replaced the video clip with an updated version based upon feedback here, it\'s got a somewhat more transparent verb now, and hopefully the clarinet is sounding more appropriate. Also I pulled the mp3, I think it makes more sense with the film anyway. Thanks again for the suggestions.

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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Hey Mike!

    Very good! I liked the mood you set with this piece. This is very interesting.

    The only thing you might want to look is around 1:19, when some woodwinds instruments start to play the melody... The woodwinds sound strange to my ears, maybe a bit synthy... Maybe you can modify them to sound more aggressive so that the synth effect would disappear...

    Overall, very good composition!

    Good luck! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Thanks much for the ears, guys, and the comments. You\'ve pointed out several things that quietly concernd me, and a few I hadn\'t considered at all.

    MartinL, I\'m sitting down in a bit to play with the clarinet at that 1:19ish area. It\'s the VSL \"f\" legato patch, and since I\'ve been using it, I guess I\'ve kinda let my gaurd down as far as worrying myself about realism, etc. It\'s not really sitting correctly, you\'re right. I also think the accoustic mirror job I did on it didn\'t help either, smoothing it over and removing some of the natural edge it should have.

    Thanks Ruben, its always very good to hear that progress is being made, and I greatly appreciate you saying so. I\'m going to lighten the verb a bit, and hopeful keep it somewhat more transparent than it is now. As far as the last little wild segment there at the end goes, you got exactly what I was hoping people would out of it. Maybe the judges won\'t like it, but it was really hard for me (with my modern sensibilities) not to laugh every time the bad guy picks up the girl and runs off with her after a struggle. So I leaned more towards supporting what I felt was \"over the top\" with a fun/thrill kinda sound. Hopefully only somewhat comical, but retaining some kind of darker quality.

    As far as libraries used:
    SI Strings
    KH Solo Strings
    VSL Performance Strings/Clarinet, FLute, Bassoon/Harp
    My own trombones (regular and fluttered) - Only because I haven\'t gotten SAM bones yet, heheh
    G-Town Percussion (waterbowls, anvils, tamborine, etc)
    SAM Timpani is always useful

    All woodwinds are VSL performance. I loaded up some of the AO sounds (for the articulations) but in the end, I found ways to do it with only VSL and I think it was better for it.

    Thanks again for the comments, I\'m gunna play with it here sometime today when I get a chance and make a few of those changes.


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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Hi Mike,

    I hope you have luck in the competition. Please, take my comment about the reverb as just another avenue of thought that you might consider. I feel a lot of responsibility recommending any changes, especially because you are far more competent than I\'ll ever be.

    Regarding the mood at the end of the score, after your explanation it makes a lot of sense.

    I thought those woods were VSL [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Good luck,


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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Originally posted by MichaelAngelo450:
    If anyone would care to leave some feedback I\'d appreciate it. I\'m going to send it in a day or two, so I\'ve actually got time to make some last minute adjustments that I might have missed, if anyone here would care to advise?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Mike,

    I just had a watch at the video with your soundtrack. I think it was great. I like the way you build up the tension at the beginning, and escalate to that climax when Dr. Caligari (if that\'s who that is) raises the knife over the girl\'s head.

    Would you mind describing the libraries that you used? Specially, are those woodwinds VSL?

    Just to be picking at nothing, maybe the reverb is a little bit too dense for this type of work (silent movie soundtrack). I really like the way you posprocessed the music, but it sounds a tad too modern for the movie itself.

    Another thing is that you may want to reconsider the harmony or melody in the very last few notes, specially the last note. It just gives a feeling of \"thrill\", and not of \"doom\" (does this sound crazy?)

    All these comments are just nitpicking really, because I really enjoyed your score. I wish you great luck in this competition. You have made great progress from the other entry you submitted (was that a western or a sword fighting movie?).

    Take care,


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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    I\'m on Mac, can\'t read it.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Sharmy,

    I might be able to convert to another format (.mpg .avi or other), and send it to you with Mike\'s permission (or send it to Mike so that he can post it). What can you read on your computer?


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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    @ Sharmy: You can download the Media Player, it´ll work then...

    Very nice piece Michael! I just wondered if there should not be a little more tenderness when he reaches over to touch her, as opposed to the creepy thing...
    But I don´t know the context...

    Anyway, really enjoyed the piece!

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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Wow.. fantastic work. I got chills watching it.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] The great thing about scoring a silent picture like this is that you really can use the music to make the actors \"talk,\" which you did superbly in this clip. I hope you will be recognized in this competition.. take care,


    Andrea G. Pessino (not female, just Italian)
    Blizzard Entertainment

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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    I thought the music was quite good overall. The only part that I did not care for was when the man ran off with the woman. The music at that point did not work for me.

    I have also entered the contest, and I used the same clip. My idea was quite different. If anyone could host it, I will be happy to send them the audio file.

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    Re: YFCC entry is pseudo finished - critiques welcome

    Hiya Sharm, here\'s an mp3 version:


    I tried to get it into quicktime and mpg formats but failed [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] I\'m the same way with these players, only for me it\'s a personal promise to never again install Real-anything, and to avoid quicktime if I can, heheh.

    Ruben, I appreciate your offer to help. Btw, the comments you made, especially with regards to the verb were dead on imo, and things that I was already kinda thinking but wanted to verify.

    Christopher, thanks much. When I first started scribbling ideas out for this, I had this tender violin thing going on when he was reaching down to touch her, with some twisted ominous tension building underneath. It looked like we were catching a glimpse into what was left of this psycho\'s sanity, and it made me feel somewhat sad for him. But something in the way he reacted when she woke caused me to redo it... maybe I stopped feeling sorry for him, I\'m not sure. Perhaps my first inclination was the right one, but it\'s too late now. I really don\'t know the story either, so that didn\'t help. Guess I shoulda done my homework, heheh.

    Andrea, thank you very much. I didn\'t know if the clarinet calling for help for her would catch anyone\'s attention or not, but it was something I was shooting for. Thanks for noticing [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Esperlad, I\'d be happy to host it for you if you\'d like. If you want you can email the file and I\'ll sync it to video and post it here as well. (it\'d only take a few minutes to do.) I\'ve listed my email adress below.

    Also, I\'m trying to figure out how to upload the file to www.Tonos.com , but the only way I can find to do it involves paying a subscrition fee for a month. I don\'t think I\'m seeing what I\'m supposed to. Did you get yours up okay?


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