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Topic: John Rekevics Saxophone Library

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    John Rekevics Saxophone Library

    Hello to all,
    I have been working on a multi-velocity solo sax library and have recently completed the first volume...Tenor Sax. Bari, Alto, and Soprano following very soon. All saxes are vintage Selmer Mark VI model played by John Rekevics. Mr. Rekevics is a very experienced session man with an extensive resume...More info (e.g. the \"Help\" file etc) will appear on biggagiggas.com in a few days. \"Official\" cd release in very near future...
    Meanwhile, the beta testing period was used to create some early demos, which are available now. I hope you will find these of interest.



    best regards,
    John Thomas

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library

    John Thomas, will you also make these saxophones available in Kontakt format? I would be interested. There is limited choice of these instruments in the marketplace.

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library

    Kotakt format please!!!

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    Re: John Rekevics Saxophone Library

    I think I can answer on this, yes, there will be a Kontakt version.

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