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Topic: Bad Pinocchio

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    Bad Pinocchio

    Don't be surprised if the song seems to stop around 3:53. It pauses for 4 beats and continues out. Maybe it is inappropriate but I thought that I would try it out for effect.
    This uses JABB horns, vibraphone and live guitar.

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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    wow, what a great tune - cool melody, harmonic choices, etc. Sort of reminds of a gary burton record i used to own called "reunion".
    What do you use to mix in the live guitar with the garritan sounds?

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    Re: Bad Pinocchio


    I hope it's not passe, but it's groovy. The pause works well for me. I would have added saxophones (what do you expect a saxophonist to say?) but I see the piece isn't aimed in that direction. I like the chords. The mix is very well done, too.

    Arthur J. Michaels

    Finale 2000 through Finales 25.4 (currently using Finale 25.4)
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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Great job! Wonderful soft easy listening music. I think I call my day a day with that sweet tune.


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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    sky87! Thanks for the listen. I am glad that you liked this. I'll have to listen to that Gary Burton song that you mentioned.
    I used a line 6 GX for direct hookup into the computer. It is a relatively inexpensive unit (about 60 bucks) and it works very well. It comes with pod farm amp sims and you don't have to do much to make work.

    gogreen! "Groovy" works for me. Thanks for the nice words on this. I usually use sax and trumpets on tunes that I write but this sounded best to me with vibes. I am glad that you also liked the mix on this.

    Max! Nothing makes my day better than having my music make someone else's "day a day".

    Thanks to you all for listening and commenting. Jay

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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...I used a line 6 GX for direct hookup into the computer. It is a relatively inexpensive unit (about 60 bucks) and it works very well. It comes with pod farm amp sims and you don't have to do much to make work...
    Sooooo smooth and nice, Jay - This would fit perfectly in the playlist for the smooth jazz station we sometimes tune into with our cable box. The quality is certainly as good as what they're playing, and better than most really. Applause!

    Thanks for answering tchaikovsky87's question about what interface you use. There are so many units made, I didn't know what the 6 GX was, so Googled that up. I see! Very cool - An interface specifically designed for guitarists, with lots of built in FX, as you point out, so that getting good sounding tracks into a mix is pretty much a breeze. Easier than using a more standard interface, and having to produce guitars with your recording program's plugins.-- I couldn't find it for the $60 you quoted, but Sweetwater's $90 price tag is still good. The only thing it doesn't have is a second channel so you could sing and play guitar at the same time.

    Thanks for the great post.


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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Thanks for the applause Randy! It was kind of fun making the vibes the primary instrument on this tune.
    I must have been dreaming when I thought the line 6 GX was $60. I bought it a couple of years ago but I don't think the price has changed that much. I also googled and could not find it for less than $90. Even at that price, I think that it is a great unit for guitarists. I have not used it with a microphone, but I am sure it could also be used for voice, but unfortunately, not at the same time.
    Good to hear from you. Jay

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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Hey, really good music here. it reminds me of the programing for the local NPR affiliate station's sunday morning Sunny Side Up. It lays you back a little but still has that swing.

    I take it you're a jazz guitarist and? If someone ever figures out a way to make a VST convincingly sound like a guitarist they will will sell a lot of software.


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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Thanks for listening Phil. I am glad you liked my music. Guitar is my primary instrument and jazz is the kind of music that I often write, play and listen to. I do like other types of music though.

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    Re: Bad Pinocchio

    Listening right now as I am taking my own statistics and finance final exams to check for errors. Had to stop & dig this.

    This is smooooooth as silk. LOVE the change and the guitars...and the little silence just builds some anticipation for the outro!

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
    All Your Bass Sus&Short Are Belong to Us.

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