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Topic: Tori Amos's piano

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    Tori Amos\'s piano

    Anyone know what kind of piano Tori uses? I know it\'s a Bosendorfer, I\'m just not sure which model it is.


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    Re: Tori Amos\'s piano

    I believe it\'s a Model 290 Imperial Grand. I really like that sound, too.


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    Re: Tori Amos\'s piano

    Is the Bosendorfer 290 the same as the 290 Imperial Grand? If not, is there any sampled piano that comes close to the sound she has with her piano?

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    Re: Tori Amos\'s piano

    The Bösendorfer 290 IS the Imperial Grand.

    Both the PMI Bösendorfer290 and Bardstown Bösendorfer Imperial Grand libraries are 290\'s and could be used for this kind of sound.

    Michiel Post

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