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Topic: Ultimate remote gigastudio control

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    Ultimate remote gigastudio control

    Over at www.prorec.com there an article on howtp control remote DAWswith a notebook computer on a wireless LAN running Windows XP Remote Desktop Connection. Somebody might be interested in revamping this for a remote multiPC - all silence - gigarack


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    Re: Ultimate remote gigastudio control

    I\'m using that technique in combination with MidiOverlan to control my 2 Gigastudio dedicated PCs. It works very well. But at the moment i\'m using a wired LAN. I\'ll perhaps try a wireless setup in the future...

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    Re: Ultimate remote gigastudio control

    You can do the same thing with VNC software and have it work on the Mac as well. XP\'s remote desktop doesn\'t have much of a performance advantage over VNC when using Gigastudio. This is because Gigastudio uses mostly bitmap graphics in its display rather than Windows GDI primitives, so you still have to transfer large amounts of data over your network link regardless. Our remote control software (based on a highly modified VNC) has extremely low CPU utilization and smart updating, making it comparable performance-wise for both PC and Mac to XP\'s remote desktop.

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    Re: Ultimate remote gigastudio control

    Hmm...interesting, Mike

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    Re: Ultimate remote gigastudio control

    Mike knows his stuff from talking to him at the NS LA hang. He has learned every nook and crany of configuring a very efficient Giga machine and all the potential pittfalls you can run into.

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