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Topic: A lighter note...or notes

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    A lighter note...or notes

    Here\'s a little something to lighten up the rather gloomy tone of recent posts (maybe).

    <font size=\"+1\">Corea </font>


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    Re: A lighter note...or notes


    These vibes sound just like my Musser M75! I like your mallet selection on these samples. Sounds great! I have been a professional vibe man for quite a few years, in addition to piano and accordion. I really love the sound of the drums as well. A most convincing sampled instrument performance!

    Kip McGinnis
    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Thanks Kip,

    It\'s a pretty raw mix. And it\'s all dry.

    Check your email.


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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    I think this sounds freaking great

    but thats me.

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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Hey, thanks King.

    Donnie just uploaded a new mix. Click the original link to hear.

    Cool stuff Sharmy. Thanks for the link.


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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Le me say: BIG 5 stars for the vibes : )

    And the drums!! You must tell us, Sean, about the drums!! Is this the mysterious DSSoundware unreleased drum kits?

    And lastly, congrats, Donnie, on lovely demos of the London strings. I heard those today at Big Fish audio and am mighty mighty impressed with those strings. And 4 instruments, 9 Gigs at $500, can it get better?

    Now spill the beans about those drums, Sean! The vibes are your killer library but the drums, I can\'t indentify.

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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    nice link! A little bit in the Step Aheads direction... I enjoyed it. Thanks

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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Thanks for the kind words Marty. The marimba is from the same library. The bass marimba is an instrument Donnie did (not in the Marimba/Vibes library). The drums . . . hmmmmm . . . well . . . just a little general midi kit I threw togeter. As such it is only right hand samples in the demo. Using both hands they are better. Future product? Mmmmmaybe . . .


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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Sean, Is this part played using a drum kit midi controller?

    Even though I can hear the limitations of the samples (since they are only right handed, as you say), the part played sounds like someone doing it rather live and not step-recorded. Did you use a kit and play it live?

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    Re: A lighter note...or notes

    Nope, the drums are just sequenced in. Also, the later mix does not have the bass marimba. All Christian and Lane vibes/marimba samples.


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