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Topic: 'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

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    'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

    new piece, inspired by the imagery of the the dust bowl era

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    Re: 'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

    Hi, Rusty - I've just watched and listened to your new video, and I have to be honest and say my primary reaction is perplexment. For me, there was a disconnect between the dust bowl images and the music. During the more developed sections of music, it sounded more like something Mancini would have done for the "Pink Panther" movies than something inspired by those horrific images of the 1930's dust storms. Perhaps you meant the music's mood to be ironic?

    Some tech notes - You need more reverb in this. There's an unnatural, claustrophobic effect with the uneven and overly dry sound. The panning needs more panorama to it - too many instruments are sounding like they're coming from the same place at the center.

    Tech notes aside, I just didn't understand this work.

    Those are my reactions from my visit to your thread just now - I appreciate hearing more from you, I just wanted to pass on my honest reactions.


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    Re: 'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

    Hey Randy, for that main theme (and the piece in general) i was kinda going for an off-kilter, bizarre/out of place vibe(ominous yet w/a groove), sort of a depiction of natures fury 'nonchalantly' passing through without regard to our human concerns.

    I'll try and add more reverb, and work on the panning (and create some distance, less clutter - really need to go through a tutorial on that before i do though)

    "I didn't understand this work" - Lol, im not sure i do either

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: 'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

    In part, I have to agree with Randy on this piece. The music to me, just does not seem to depict a dust bowl environment. I did, however, like the music. It had some jazz elements in it, particularly when the vibraphone was playing. Perhaps some of the lack of reverb would imply a "dryness" as in the dust bowl days. I think it is great when people like you and others add music to images. I think it would be challenging to depict the feel of an image to sound.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your effort here. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: 'Here Come Some Dust' - music for the dust bowl

    Hey, thanks glad you liked the music - given the feedback regarding the imagery not reflecting the tone of the music, perhaps a more fitting title would be "chicken strut" considering the groove factor in the theme (the sporadic sax, pizz. viola in the beginning sort of sounded like a mimicry of a chicken on the loose to me).

    I just posted this piece to soundcloud with more reverb and adjusted the panning, although im not really sure it sounds any better. Here's a link if anyone is interested : https://soundcloud.com/tchaikovsky87

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