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Topic: This is the Library I want!

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    This is the Library I want!

    Okay, I\'ve been frustrated long enough, so I\'m placing a cry for help to all those who develop, and all those who want to develop samples libraries...... VOCALS!!!! And we need lots of them. I\'ve got gigs and gigs of drum samples, I\'ve got Rhythm instruments of all kinds, on this forum we see tons of orch instruments and I\'ve got a bunch of them, we\'ve seen some good ethnic collections (although I think we need more) I\'ve got 3 Grand pianos and my own real grand to play! Not to mention all the stuff we have on synth modules etc... but the one thing that is lacking is VOCALS!!!!

    Symphony of Voices is Great! I love it and it works wonderful for what it idoes, VOTA does a great job with Big choirs too, I\'ve not got DIVA yet, but it seems to be a nice solo collection... but let\'s be honest about it, there\'s NOTHING for the pop world. Vocal planet is a good start, but it\'s got so many different things to include (since it\'s doing the whole world) that alot of ground was left un-touched. There\'s a lot of phrases, but very few multi-samples we can really use to create new stuff.

    So, what i want is I want some great POP vocal multi-samples, with maybe some phrases too, but specifically multi-samples. Aahs, Ooos, Oh yeas, all the traditional pop BGV stuff. The things that take me a bunch of time and money to do with studio singer, but shouldn\'t be THAT hard to sample. If SOV and VOTA can be done, what I want can be done too.

    I\'m talking 3-4 singers - stacked out like a tradition BGV session would be done, maybe some guys only samples, some girls only. Black, white, Latin.... This could be an AWESOME collection, and I contend it\'s very needed, as i\'ve just not seen anything like it on the market. And if there is something I don\'t think it\'s of the level that I\'m talking, because I think I would have seen it!!!

    So, Please, someone pick up on this! Help us out! Even though there\'s a lot of film guys on this forum, there\'s way more guys using samples in everyday pop productions, and we need all sorts of stuff!!!



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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    While it may not cover POP multisamples, Vocal Planet is a bit like what you\'re describing. Check it out at ILIO\'s site.

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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    Thanks Simon, but I already have Vocal Planet. It starts down the road of what I would like, but doesn\'t really go in that direction [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    What would you like that\'s not in the Pop Stacks section of SOV?

    Those multisamples seems essentially like what you are describing unless you want phrases.

    One thing I found in doing all of that sampling was that Black vocalists often loose their \"blackness\" when singing straight vowels for multisampling. The closest I got to keeping the vibe while maintaining the necessary control was with the Gospel multisamples on VP. There are actually quite a few great (and famous) Background vocalists in those multisamples, and between the variety on SOV and VOP\'s multisamples, there\'s a lot that you can do.


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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    I am anxiously waiting to hear/demo Yamaha\'s \"Vocaloid\" technology:



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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    You know, you can always sample your own vocals? I have created a set of simple vocals of myself, chromatically sampled and autotuned to perfection and dumped the whole lot in EXS24 mkII... Works great!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] What\'s more, you can apply formant shifting and remap your vocals across and you get a different voice altogether... I used to do this for reaching notes that I can\'t reach (sounds a little fake but still better than the original!) but lately its just so fun that I did all notes within my range...

    Just a suggestion... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    Eric What I would like to see that\'s not in SOV is more of an edgy sound. The pop stacks are very Enya sounding. Which is cool - and I LOVE them!! They are incredibly useful. VP is great too. Heart of Africa is great! I have all of them and love using them all. But I\'d like to throw in some pads I could compress and bring way up front.

    For example, I can use the Multi-samples from Heart of Africa, and layer it with some of the other HOA samples and make it sound huge. It\'s a blast to work with - for that type music. And the Pop stacks from SOV are the same way. I can\'t say enough how much Love them. But i don\'t always get to do that type stuff. I still have to call singers in if I\'m doing say, a Faith Hill type tune (her new stuff). I know calling singers for the phrases is going to be a must, but I\'d still love to just be able to throw some real edgy Ahhs, and woa\'s in there.

    You came close with some of the Jazz Combo stuff in VP, but I can\'t use them for stuff that\'s doesn\'t need a \"doo\" in front of it. I tried changing the attack to just get the \"ooo\", but that didn\'t fly. But that tight up close in your face sound is what I\'m talking about [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Is that more specific?


    BTW: I LOVE the patches you\'ve created with all your vocal libraries and Atmospheres that are based on breaths! How cool!!!

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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    I hear where you\'re coming from Whaley. Another element to get right when adding the woahs etc., is that first second of the sound. Sometimes just sticking up a generic pop \'aah\' isn\'t going to do it no matter how much ebergy they put into singing it. You need to hear those idiomatic slides and grace notes on the singer\'s entry, before the line settles into a normal sustained tone - and I suppose that can be tricky if you\'re going to be building a harmony part out of individual samples because some lines will need to resolve from slightly different intervals. Tricky but not impossible. I\'d love to see that - it\'d really bring sampled backing vocals to life.

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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    Thank you Chadwick for supporting my cause! I\'d try to do it myself but I\'m not really great at sampling and I don\'t know any decent singers that would be patient enough to let me learn! Oh well... Maybe it\'s wishful thinking, or maybe Eric or someone will come through for us!!!

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    Re: This is the Library I want!

    BTW, I feel strongly enough about this library that I\'m willing to help someone who IS good with sampling do it. I\'ll do beta testing, demos, anything you need to make it happen. I\'m also willing to do research, come up with audio examples of what we could use in the library etc. ANYTHING. Except sing cause we wouldn\'t sell any!!!! Ha ha ha!

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