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Topic: VL70-m owners - FYI:

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    VL70-m owners - FYI:

    Patchman musi has just released a replacement ROM for the Yamaha VL&)_M with 256 breath-controller sonds, most of which are new, ansd many of which sound quite nice (there is an MP3 demo page.)

    No affiliation, just wanted y\'all to know, becuase it\'s such a PITA to edit your own really good-soundng patches.


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    Re: VL70-m owners - FYI:

    Yeah and its frikkin expensive and IMHO doesn\'t sound like it is worth it...

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    Re: VL70-m owners - FYI:

    He didn\'t just release it, it\'s been out for a good three months. Matt is an excellent programmer, but I had to stop reading the wind controller list. I used to skim it a couple of times a week, but six solid weeks of reading nothing but extreme obsequiousness toward him and endless discussions of that chip (to the exclusion of anything else) just got to be too much to stomach.

    I don\'t think $350 is too much for a ROM chip replacement for a relatively obscure instrument like that, but I do disagree with a ROM replacement having a licensing agreement that forbids reselling the VL-70m with it installed.

    And yet I\'d still buy it in a heartbeat if I had a VL-70m (instead of a VL1).

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    Re: VL70-m owners - FYI:

    Hi guys,

    I use a WX-5 with a VL-70m, and I have found that in general this new chip is a major improvement over the stock sounds, and also over the \'Windlist\'chip, which was a compilation of the windlist players\' favorite sounds. In particular the saxes are improved, with a greater timbre variety, and some of the brass. I happen to be a Brubeck fan, and now I can sound more like Paul Desmond, for example, it\'s a kick.

    It may be pricey, but this chip seems to fill a niche need. Orchestral instruments are not its strength, but with the VL-70m one can program 6 custom voices from scratch, or import them using an editor or sysex, to cover the particular need of the moment.


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    Re: VL70-m owners - FYI:

    I agree that psying 85% of what I could buy one stock on ebay seems high. But with only 6 slots for custom sounds, as a jazz/pop guy rather than orchestral, I think it\'s worth the money (assuming you HAVE a \'spare\' $350 lying about!)

    Now if Tassman could get it\'s act together and produce a REAL modeler instead of that cheap analogish toy, it might make a real dent in the modeling market...


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    Re: VL70-m owners - FYI:

    Well, he claims to have spent nine months working on those programs, so it would have to cost $350. I really don\'t think that\'s unreasonable. How many can he sell? Heck, Yamaha charged $150 for disks of 16 VL1 sounds a few years ago.

    And the instrument itself is priced like a toy. That doesn\'t mean much to me. A lot of people on this forum have invested way more in sample libraries than they have in the computers they run on.

    Again, what I do think is ridiculous is the licensing conditions. Can you imagine Kurzweil telling someone they can\'t sell a K2000 if it has the Orchestral ROM installed?

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