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Topic: Check this out...

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    Check this out...

    Here\'s a demo I did after being inspired by the Viola harmonics in GOS. Starts off with this neat suspense section in the beginning, than gets to be hauntingly romantic near the end. Critiques/Comments are welcome.

    ( )

    It\'s not finished, so don\'t fret.

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    Re: Check this out...

    Maybe people aren\'t listening because it\'s in .ZIP format. Loads of people here are probably just clicking on the file, expecting QuickTime or Mediaplayer or something to launch and play the file. Alas, when it doesn\'t they ignore it and move on. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] So try uploading an unzipped file?
    The music is cool so I\'m guessing this is the problem.


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    Re: Check this out...

    Fine job! Well worth the unzipping. Not only authentic sounding but a fine piece of music. Very subtle and open orchestration. I really like the dissonance at the start, the gradual increase in violin pitch change from 0:30 to 0:36 and the vocals/bass/muffledPiano break and expressive violins that follow.

    Was all of your manipulation via MIDI or did you to perform any low-level sample manipulation? Me thinks I need to buy GOS this summer.

    Whose trumpets are you using?

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    Re: Check this out...

    A_Sapp, send me your email address. I want to send you something. You will like this... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Check this out...

    Another reason people may not be downloading them is the file size. I have a cable connection at home, but I\'m often on a 56k and it\'s just not worth downloading 3+ megs for a song that\'s under 1:30 in length.

    For demos like this, I suggest encoding a little lower, like 160 (if I was on 56k all the time, I doubt I would ever bother to download a user demo at anything above that, or perhaps 192 if it is a complete demo with all its final bells and whistles).

    But 320 is a little overkill, in my personal opinion of course.

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    Re: Check this out...

    Haw haw! Sorry, I didn\'t even consider sizes and just putting mp3\'s up. I\'ll do it next time. Thanks for listening, it\'s always good to hear feedback. My email is: A_Sapp@yahoo.com

    Oh, the trumpets are Maartens SAM trumpets, which are basically the only ones I use despite having DDSB and QLB. GOS is in use here.

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